Jesse Watters’ New Hour-Long “Watters’ World” Specials Are About To Be The Funniest Thing On Television

Jesse Watters is the man. You might know him best from his “Watters’ World” segment on the O’Reilly Factor, wherein he most recently interviewed some of the Mizzou “safe space” protesters and exposed them for the ridiculous circus clowns that they are. He’s brash, he’s hilarious, and he’s never afraid to call out and publicly embarrass liberals (sometimes referred to as idiots) when they’re being idiots (sometimes referred to as liberals). He’s essentially the polar opposite of PC Principal.

The world’s gone to shit, and it’s time to ditch this god-forsaken hellhole. It’s become offensive to simply be a living, breathing human being. Hell, soon enough none of us will even be able to breath – our sternums crushed under the pile of Redskins memorabilia, Chief Wahoo hats, and North Dakota Fighting Sioux shirseys that is soon to be pouring out from overflowing landfills. This world had a great run, but its time has come. It’s time we all move to Watters’ world.

While we used to only get to see Jesse’s knee-slapper “Watters’ World” segments on the O’Reilly Factor, FOX News has decided to turn the segment into a series of hour-long, once-a-month specials of the same name for the 2016 presidential election cycle. Starting this Saturday at 8 P.M. EST and continuing on up until the next president is announced, we get to see Jesse vs. the world. I can’t wait.

Here are some of Jesse’s greatest hits to prepare you for this Saturday’s premiere:

Watch him kick political correctness’ ass

For Halloween, Jesse found out which presidential candidate kids think is the scariest

Jesse exposes Bernie Sanders supporters for the know-nothing dinguses they are

Sit back and relax on Saturday, because this is gonna be good.

Image via YouTube

    1. Frat_jim

      the issue with the expression “low-key” is that when you use it on a public forum, you are inherently being “high-key” ex. ditzy girl on twitter “omg I low-key like this guy” bitch it’s not low-key if you post it on twitter you dumb cunt

      5 years ago at 10:05 pm
  1. The Sixth Year

    Basically a frat king just making fun of uneducated geeds all day in a professional capacity. Fantastic.

    5 years ago at 1:45 pm
    1. Juandissimo Magnifico

      Jesse Waters is literally “Fraternity news” so go chug some bleach if you don’t like it.

      5 years ago at 1:58 pm
  2. ProLiberty

    There should some kind of test before people go into voting booths to weed out individuals like these, as authoritarian as that sounds…

    5 years ago at 2:01 pm
    1. Nie Sass

      I like the idea of citizens having to take and pass the citizenship test before being able to vote

      5 years ago at 3:28 pm
    2. Fratasaurus

      Or there should just be voting qualifications.. property ownership is a good place to start.

      5 years ago at 8:36 pm
    3. GoodbyeNormalStreet

      I’m offended AND you’re in my safe space. Take two laps. #FratLivesMatter

      5 years ago at 9:31 pm
  3. Brotein Shake

    That little girl in the second video is going places. Her Dad should be proud.

    5 years ago at 2:17 pm
  4. MobyBigDick

    TFM, you should hire this guy to be a writer. He can take over SteveHolts account.

    5 years ago at 2:22 pm
  5. Canada Wet

    This guy could sell ketchup to a woman with white gloves. And then proceed to fuck said woman.

    5 years ago at 2:34 pm
  6. BI_Legend

    He interviews probably 50 people and edits a 3 minute video making people look stupid by cutting them off before they actually say anything. You can do this with any group of people. If you think he actually proves any points by doing this you’re an idiot.

    5 years ago at 9:12 pm
    1. Gun_Slinger

      Easy there scooter. Have you actually watched one of his episodes? The people give the answers, they sound like idiots, because they are. Jesse doesn’t put those words in their mouth.

      5 years ago at 10:53 pm
    2. TexaFied

      Interesting because if you’ve ever watched a show you’d learn that he usually interviews 8-9 and uses almost all of them in every show

      5 years ago at 11:30 pm