15-Year-Old Threatens Romney’s Life Over Twitter, Now in Deep Shit

Some newly pubescent little shit is learning a tough lesson about the power of social media, but more importantly, that threats against a presidential candidate are taken pretty goddamn seriously. Per some weird Twitter data collector called Twitchy, Kyle Stusse is the 15-year-old that tweeted the following:

“If [R]omney is elected, I will assassinate him”

Dammit, kid. How dumb can you get?

“I want to kill Romney more and more every day,” he later fired out.


Both tweets were deleted on Sunday night, but the damage had already been done. According to Twitchy, “Stusse faced a backlash over his vile tweets and was apparently contacted by the Secret Service” after the story broke. “A death threat is a death threat, and regardless of Stusse‚Äôs age, it deserves to be taken seriously,” the Twitchy staff added.

Young balls-in-vice Kyle has a little punk friend that could use a playground noogie his own damn self. “Kyle actually has Secret Service coming for him Haha. He is freaking out (sic),” tweeted “Cheddar Bob.” Fuckin’ Cheddar Bob, man. That kid has trouble written all over him. This little twerp even got the hashtag “#FreeKyle” to gain some steam. Take it easy, Cheddar, you little pipsqueak.

Others came to the defense of Stusse. Take for example this tweet by a noteworthy representative of #TeamKyle and #TeamCheddarBob:

“Hey wanna hear something funny? Grown adults that take a tweet to far! Your to old to be on twitter anyways (sic).”

Dammit, Matthew. I hope my main man Cheddar Bob gives you the swirly of a lifetime. Holler at me on Twitter, Cheddar. And tell your boy Kyle that presidential assassinations are not okay.



    1. grandfrat

      can’t wait for all the excuses from the libdem party, post the VP debate tomorrow

      12 years ago at 6:58 pm
    2. Plan B is Plan A

      I hope that fat geed Chris Matthews actually has a heart attack this time. His rant after the first debate looked headed towards a coronary but sadly it didn’t happen.

      12 years ago at 7:35 pm
    3. Hoo Frats Harder

      What I’m most looking forward to is Paul Ryan just assassinating the shit out of Biden with his compound bow.

      12 years ago at 11:41 pm
  1. WVUTeke

    One of the only problems I have with the English language is that it doesn’t have words to describe how much I hate kids.

    12 years ago at 8:12 pm
  2. Frattanooga

    what’s up with that girl behind Romney’s forehead? Looks like she has the fucking Grand Canyon or something running down the middle of it.

    12 years ago at 8:45 pm
  3. Guy In A Fraternity

    Follow Todd Kincannon on Twitter – he’s a solid conservative and he doesn’t fuck around with liberal bullshit. Hilarious. He has been calling the kids that are defending this kid out, and it’s pure gold.

    12 years ago at 9:51 pm