1. thevaginator

        You’re the one who’s dancing little man. You’re on my comment thread. Now how about giving your master one more.

        5 years ago at 10:45 pm
      2. Stardog

        Took the bait. Now how much real estate do I own in your head ? Keep a dancing , boy.

        5 years ago at 5:24 am
      3. thevaginator

        Not quite how it works junior. You see, I’ve called you out multiple times and you’ve done nothing to back it up. Until you grow a pair of balls and do something then you’ll always be the one dancing little man. Now give us another

        5 years ago at 11:41 am
      4. Stardog

        You replied to MY comment 1st. So that means YOUR dancing for me. So keep it up. If u can? And I mean dancing. Limpy.

        5 years ago at 1:32 pm
      5. thevaginator

        Not quite little man. I can comment on whatever I want. Until you man up and say something to my face, you will always be the one dancing kid.

        5 years ago at 10:56 pm