21 Foreplay Tips That Are Guaranteed To Get You Laid


A little foreplay before sex always kills it. It’s fine to jump in full throttle and bust your load 45 seconds later, but foreplay makes the fun last all that much longer.

Let’s be real, avoiding the awkwardness of post-sex — when your lady friend has that disappointed look on her face that says, “What? You already finished?” — for as long as you can is beneficial in the long term. Foreplay, like wine, is more of an art than a science. Here to share some excellent foreplay tips are the good people of Reddit dot com.

From Reddit:

However long you think you should spend on foreplay, double it at least.
You may be keen to slide straight into pound town after a few minutes of fumbling around down there, but keep on truckin’. Make yourself at home until she’s begging you for the D.
The extra build up will be more fun for her, and she’ll be closer to the edge if she hasn’t come already. All this means that there’s less pressure to be Mr Marathon Man, so you’ll have your fun without worrying about blowing it before she’s done.

Making her beg for it. TFM.

Here’s my favorite tip: If you are eating out a woman who hasn’t shaved and a pube finds its way onto your tongue, simply lick an area of her leg that doesn’t have hair and the pube will be left behind!

Ah, the classic Pube Dump. Always a handy little trick.

Foreplay tip from when I was in highschool. My gf at the time told me that she wants to wake up with oral sex. So I wake up a little early and start poking her face with my dick… Later i found out that girls can get oral as well …

Classic mix up.

Flat tongue, not pointed. Focus on rhythm and consistency. Be prepared to stay down there for a while. Learn to like it and it’ll pay off later.

The flat tongue is key. You wouldn’t go pointed at a lollipop, don’t at a pussy either.

Neck kisses oh my

Girls love this stupid shit. Keep it up and you’re on your way to BJ City.

When you initiate a kiss, don’t go in open-mouth, tongue out. Start out with a dry, closed-mouth kiss then work up to the tongue wrestling. Slobbering all over someone’s face is not a great start to a sexy adventure.

I think the open mouth slob kiss works too, imho.

Before cunnilingus, brush your teeth AND gargle with something strong like listerine.
It helps you flavour-wise and makes it less likely she gets something nasty.

Like a cavity in her vagina…?

Let’s just put it this way. For you young’ns out there, the clit is at the top fellas. Someone could’ve saved me a lot of embarrassment in high school if they had just told me that.
Some poor girl laying there pretending to enjoy me tongue-punching her vaganus like I’m a goddamn bulldog eating a bowl of oatmeal. If you’re gonna go panning for gold and looking for El Dorado, it helps to start in the right hemisphere.

Some girls like the bulldog.

Before you get started, correctly adjusting your keyboard can really reduce the chance of you getting carpal tunnel

Keeping the keyboard away from you will reduce the likelihood of sticky keys as well.

Guys: Don’t forget the nips, and don’t be afraid to take a ride to mufftown. Also, lots of kissing and making out.
Girls: Please just fucking reciprocate.

The nips are the best part. Of course we won’t forget them.

When you put your hand between her legs and it feels like feeding a horse, thats when you know shes ready.

Don’t forget your meat thermometer.

There is one move I use every time. So, lay on your back and pull her on top of you. be making out at this point. Then, sit straight up with her straddling you. Put your strong arm along her spine, holding the base of her skull in your hand, with your other arm supporting you.
Then, twist your hips to the left and throw her onto her back, while holding her back/head so that is smooth. Then you’ll end up on top of her without ever breaking the kiss. You’ll hear an audible gasp. I guarantee it.
Also, tell her to get naked and lay on her stomach. Put a bunch of lube or massage gel on her back. Then finger bang the hell out of her. don’t be afraid to ask where the clit is. Rub that bean like it’s a million dollar scratch off lotto ticket (JK not that hard). But once she comes, and your fingers are all gross, then you can put a condom on and have intercourse.

They call this the Steve Holt Switch. Always turns the ladies on.

protip: if you’re on a twin bed, make sure you don’t accidentally aikido flip your fuck buddy straight onto the floor.

Unless she likes it rough.

Kissing along the jaw before going to kiss their neck. Works on both men and women.

I can attest to this.

Skin stroking..I have yet to meet a girl who doesn’t like being stroked lightly with fingertips all over. It has to be natural, explore, look, feel and listen to where she reacts, side boob is good, inside of thighs, run fingers down the spine, light touch her scalp and ears.

Who is a… good girl?

Ladies, enthusiasm is key and something I hear many guys complain about. Show him the attention he gives you. Don’t act like being on top is a chore, don’t blow him for 15 seconds and act like you’re even for the 10 minutes he had his face buried between your thighs. Give that man some work, ride him like he is the last train home, suck his dick like there’s a 1 up at the end of his climax, ASK HIM WHAT HE WOULD LIKE. I’m a woman, and I have never gotten anything but positive feedback and even more enthusiasm when I take care of a man the way he takes care of me. It’s a mutual effort, they need the love and care and effort just as much as you do.

Effort is always key.

Gosh, sometimes they feel like they are puppies waiting to be petted…and then no one pets them..


Start kissing her knee, gradually moving up her inner thigh inch by inch until you get right between her legs. Gently blow a soft stream of air from top to bottom, briefly look up at her and see the delicious look of expectation in her eyes, and then do

She will squeal like a god damn pig.

You’re gonna want to ask before you venture to brown town. And I’m not just talking about trying to stuff your cock in her ass like it’s the last helicopter out of Saigon, I mean a finger, a tongue…anything.
Nothing kills a good fuck session like you getting a little adventurous and trying to rim the poor girl out if she’s not into it. She clenches up and pulls away and says “what are you doing?!” You realize you’ve blown it. Again.
She doesn’t consider her asshole fair game and now all she’s thinking about is shit. There’s no going back.

Friendo… girls don’t shit until after menopause.

Always make her come before penetrating her. She will appreciate it a lot.

She cums first, she will do anything to make you reciprocate.

Eat da pussy

And don’t stop until your dick has been cleared for landing.

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    I don’t even need to read this to know that you don’t get any, Steve.

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    22. Dust off your cooter every once in a while (Looking at you intern Sydney).

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    If I find stuff on Imgur and Reddit and post it on this site, will you guys start paying me money?

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    I usually just let Momma Holt flick her tongue and the rim of my asshole.

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        Is there a special word for murdering someone on the same social level of a coke whore?

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    23. Jackhammer her for 32 seconds and then ejaculate on her titties. Works every time.

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    Or, throw money at the bitch like you’re a god damn Bilzerian and forget all of that shit.

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