31 Annoying Things You’ll Hear As House Manager


One semester, I was quickly thrust into the office of house manager when the acting one suddenly had to move away. The office wasn’t incredibly difficult, but it was incredibly annoying. Below, I’ve compiled a list of some of the very most annoying things I heard as house manager.

1. “You’re going to have to unclog the urinal. There are dip pouches in it.”

2. “I can’t clean right now. I have homework!”

3. “Our alumni advisor is rolling through in 15 minutes, so we need to get this place looking spotless.”

4. “Come on, we need at least three-ply toilet paper. What is this, a fucking crack house?”

5. “The fire department came by earlier, and they said we’re currently in violation of 26 fire ordinances.”

6. “I’m going to have to cut your budget by 20%. Try to make it work.”

7. “I know we cut your budget, but can we find a way to get a new pool table in here?”

8. “I’m allergic to this laundry detergent. Can you get a different one?”

9. “Yo, Danny punched another hole in the wall last night.”

10. “Someone puked on our speakers. They’re ruined.”

11. “Someone puked on the pool table and we need to get it re-felted.”

12. “Someone puked everywhere. Just everywhere.”

13. “So a giant bubble formed on the ceiling during that rainstorm, and someone drunkenly popped it. We need new carpets because the mold smell is getting unbearable.”

14. “I’m pretty sure the basement spiders have evolved. They’re looking a lot bigger these days.”

15. “We need to scrape the ice off the deck. Marshall slipped on it and is currently out cold.”

16. “I don’t know, man. It was already broken when I got here!”

17. “I’m really, really sorry, but I think I may have salted part of the lawn when I was blacked out last night.”

18. “A raccoon got into the kitchen and that fucker must have been hungry!”

19. “I’m going to need you to stretch your budget for another week. Just water down the cleaning solution.”

20. “I rounded the corner a little too quickly into the parking lot and possibly took out a few fence posts.”

21. “Was that a drop of water I just felt? You might want to go check that out.”

22. “Can you call about the boiler getting looked at? It says here that it was last inspected in 1993.”

23. “Dude, what the fuck? We’re out of toilet paper! Oh, there’s plenty more in the cupboard? Never mind.”

24. “Sorry, man, we had shitty dues collection this month. It’s going to come out of your budget.”

25. “Can’t we get a bigger house?”

26. “Would it really cost that much to add a new level to the house?”

27. “It definitely smells like a dead cat in the basement. Yeah, that’s dead cat if I ever smelled it.”

28. “The washer made all my clothes pink. We need a new one.”

29. “It can’t be that hard to be house manager.”

30. “When can we get a new TV? Like an 80-inch, curved 4k one.”

31. “We got a foot of snow last night. Can you get a crew to help shovel it?”

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  2. Fratty Couples PGA

    “Can we keep the inside temperature around 85? My fish tank heater broke and I don’t want the fish to die.”

    4 years ago at 10:52 am
  3. Fratty Couples PGA

    “I think we cracked the slate in the pool table from putting the couch on it for game night.”

    4 years ago at 10:54 am
  4. Fratty Couples PGA

    “I found a treasure map in the attic. We need to fit a jackhammer in the budget because apparently it’s buried under the basement floor.”

    4 years ago at 10:56 am
  5. Fratty Couples PGA

    “I think Forrest is brewing moonshine in that unused bath tub in the basement, because a girl told me she tried to take a bubble bath and nearly burned her skin off.”

    4 years ago at 10:59 am