32 Spring Breakers Arrested At Florida House Party, One Of Them Drops A “Roll Tide”

From News Channel 7:

Dozens of spring breakers in south Walton County spent the night in jail Monday. Deputies caught them underage drinking, but they also allegedly destroyed the house where they were staying.


“They started fleeing out the back door. Actually there were so many people trying to get out the back door, they were stuck. They were pulling their ice chests,” said Major A.J. Smith with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

Out of the more than 80 spring breakers on scene, deputies managed to arrest 32.

I applaud the ice chest rescue attempt, because what’s the point of fleeing the cops and avoiding a night in the clink if you can’t bring your cold beer with you?

A tipster tells us that even though one of the arrested college students answers his arresting officer with a hilariously-placed “Roll Tide,” this thwarted spring break house party near Miramar Beach, Florida was actually a bunch of Ole Miss students.

“You think it’s funny to be arrested?” asked an officer. “It’s hilarious. Roll tide,” responded the student.

As our tipster also points out, spring break for students at the University of Alabama doesn’t begin until March 22. Ole Miss it is then, at least until proven innocent.

The scene of the party was a “multi-million dollar home,” and it was basically turned inside out during this — undoubtedly awesome — party.

The smell of alcohol, vomit, and urine is almost overwhelming. To say the place is a disaster would be an understatement.

Leaving behind pizza under beds, spilled beer, and cigarettes, they managed to destroy every single room.

“It is really trashed. It’s going to take a lot of work to fix it.”

Watch the news report:

This fuckin' guy
This fuckin’ guy

^This guy is just great. If you think this minor law enforcement hiccup is going to rain on this guy’s spring break parade, you’ve got another thing coming, pal. He’s probably on the beach as I type this with one hand on a beer bong, and the other on some spring break tit. No slowing down for shirt-over-the-head-double-thumbs-up guy.

This is a joke
“This is a joke” guy

“Officer, this is a joke. Did you not drink when you were a kid?”

Yep, there it is. We’ve all used that one before, haven’t we? Despite its 0% success rate, the “C’mon, can’t you relate to me?” card always seems to be played in situations like this one. The kid’s hand gestures and enthusiastic delivery almost had the cop this time, though. Maybe if the camera wasn’t there we could have recorded the first ever occurrence of this plead winning one for the good guys. Shame.

Finally, how terrible is the closing line of this broadcast? Fucking cheesy, too.

“So one night of bad decision-making could ruin the rest of their life?”

“It very well could.”

Oh, give me a fucking break. Nice scare tactics. Unless the news is withholding some information about a few dead bodies that turned up in the pool or evidence that they were cooking their own spring break edition crystal meth in the home’s game room, I’m sure they’ll recover from this.

Fuckin’ spring break, man.

[via News Channel 7]

  1. FratOnGentlemen

    If that house is what they call “trashed” then I wonder how they would define a fraternity house the morning after a rager?

    8 years ago at 2:54 pm
  2. WthetadeltW

    It is clear that not one of these officers/reporters has stepped into any fraternity estate considering they thought that was damage

    8 years ago at 2:59 pm
    1. WreckedLikePatrino

      Your parties probably consist of around 3 college girls and their high school sisters friends. go home.

      8 years ago at 6:53 pm
    1. colonial ft soldier

      I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you. It seems I have a national championship trophy in both my ears. hmm whats that? oh it seems one broke. good thing we’ve got a spare

      8 years ago at 12:16 pm