76ers Nerlens Noel Racks Up $42K In Damages To Rental House

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Playing on one of the worst professional basketball teams of all time certainly is not an easy thing to do. Each player goes about handling the depressing reality that their team absolutely sucks in different ways. Some abide by the phrase “together we build,” while others just like to ignore the insurmountable tally of losses they have collected and simply take things game by game. Then there are a select few, such as Nerlens Noel, who opt to simply destroy their house as a way to relieve the stress of their day job.

According to the owners of the rental property, via TMZ, Noel somehow managed to rack up $42,000 worth of damages, including “splashed neon colored sports drinks (such as Gatorade) on carpets and throughout the home, $30,000 in damage to carpets, extreme water damage throughout the home, clogged toilets filled with cotton balls and feces, a broken elevator, $4,000 of damage to the stove, damage to the fridge, damage to the blinds, damage to the dishwasher, and torn window screens.”

It is one thing to lose your security deposit over a cracked window, but it is an entirely different story to lose it because you decided to dye your carpet with Gatorade. Clogged toilets? Come on, man. I know you play on a team who has somehow already managed to eliminate itself from playoff contention for the next four years, but have some decency.

On top of the ridiculous amount of physical damage that Noel caused to the house, the owners state that he left weed throughout the house, as well. Noel’s antics do not appear to stop there, however. A day after the owners sent Noel a request for the $42,000 in order to repair the damages, a tombstone appeared with the words “RIP” on the front steps of the house. I guess when you play on the Sixers, you really don’t have anything better to do than to torment landlords in your free time.

[via TMZ]

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  1. TheBigDipper1856

    $4,000 worth of damage to a stove doesnt sound right, a really nice one only cost a grand or so

    8 years ago at 10:14 am
    1. VandyConservative

      Aside from your weird focus on the stove, you’re just super incorrect on that figure

      8 years ago at 6:10 pm
  2. Mayor of Weinerville

    The owners should’ve known what they were getting themselves into… Surely they’ve seen a Little Wayne music video before.

    8 years ago at 10:56 am
  3. mf27hockey

    With that facial expression I would assume he racked up $42k in damages to someone else’s rental house

    8 years ago at 12:52 pm