I went to Alabama when they won their 13th National Championship, got their first Heisman trophy winner, and made Tim Tebow cry. TSM

  1. Anonymous

    Like most women you are poor at math and need to recheck your sources on that 13 (and if the only one who credited it to you was a geologists try again)

    14 years ago at 1:55 am
    1. "Its "Fraternity" you GDI"

      Every time some one downs on Alabama football, all I hear is “I don’t go to a college that can win a National Championship”

      14 years ago at 11:47 am
    2. Freddie Couples doesn't wear sock either

      If we all used bama’s standards for deciding National Championships every school in the SEC would have at least 2. If any columnist for any magazine, even one unrelated to sports or sponsored by the university or boosters, ever named bama number one bama claimed the title. For something that was given to you so easily, you sure talk about it alot.

      14 years ago at 11:20 pm