Alabama Fans Stampede Into Bryant-Denny For The Chance To Meet Nick Saban

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I’ve seen a lot of sad videos in my life, but I’m not sure anything comes close to this one.

A bunch of gross looking human beings gathered at Alabama’s football stadium for a chance to meet players and come face to face with God Nick Saban.

Just look at the cheesy-ass smiles on the faces of football’s lowest common denominator as they fulfill the dream of having a small, angry bastard sign some piece of Crimson Tide memorabilia that they had to take out a second mortgage to buy.

Here is a video of the masochistic tradition known as the “Running of The Bama Fans.”

Watch as adult men in jorts drag obese children onto a “sacred” football field and imagine a loud, audible sigh. This must have been the exact moment when Nick Saban realized he made a mistake by not going to Texas.

Image via YouTube

  1. Kentucky Chi guy

    “Hey coach, can you sign my deep fryer, welfare check, and this homemade painting of Jesus Christ himself in a bama jersey”? -Every Bama fan in line

    10 years ago at 4:18 pm
  2. Fratam_Wainwright

    We have by far the worst sidewalk fans in the country. Every overweight cousin fucker loves to yell Roll Tide because a good football team adds meaning to their lives

    10 years ago at 4:43 pm