American Women Achieve Orgasm Through Butt Stuff More Than Any Other Nationality

Leading the rush ass revolution. TFM.

A huge breakthrough has just been made in the #ButtStuff2016 movement. According to a recent worldwide study, American broads are more likely to achieve orgasm via poop chute than women from any other country. Shove that up your ass, commies.

Let’s holster the “What? Female orgasms exist?” joke for a moment and pat ourselves on the back. Job well done, boys. The first step towards achieving a butt stuff orgasm is to convince a lady to let you stick it in there. That means our long, shitty battle against vaginal privilege — the #Buttstuff movement — is finally paying off. America is sitting on the throne of the Hiney-Hole kingdom.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.02.24 PM copy

This also means that not only do we stick it in her chocolate starfish more, we do it better. The rest of the study is chock-full of other information on female orgasms (we munch the best box, too) but I could care less about any of that right now. Today is a day about progress.

I’m proud to be an American,
Where inside her butt I’ll be.
And I’m proud to say there’s sperm that died,
To give that right to me.


[via Cam4]

  1. BloodyBunghole

    You know what they say… going down on her will make her day, but if you put it in her butt, it’ll make her whole week!

    8 years ago at 4:34 pm
      1. BloodyBunghole

        Sorry I didn’t spell out the punchline for you (so that there wasn’t any joke at all)… but at least you got it Einstein!

        (suck a big black bag of rotting dicks, “fuckstick”)

        8 years ago at 12:18 pm
    1. Frat_Von_Tittyfuck

      Considering your username is BloodyBunghole, I think you’re doing a little more than just making her hole weak.

      8 years ago at 7:53 pm
  2. BloodyBunghole

    I hope this is a real study… and not something Buscemi pulled out of his #BUTTSTUFF2016

    8 years ago at 4:35 pm
  3. Larry_Sellers

    Has anyone else seen the “girl” doing the snapchat takeover? I’m almost certain that’s a post-op transsexual.

    8 years ago at 4:44 pm
  4. Strong F. Kennedy


    8 years ago at 4:50 pm
  5. Runk1855

    Well none of the girls I’ve been with have had an orgasm, so I doubt this is true.

    8 years ago at 5:16 pm