VIDEO: Anastasia Ashley Playing Putt-Putt In A Bikini Is Oddly Erotic

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.24.31 AM

You guys may or may not remember Anastasia Ashley. A few years ago, she burst onto the scene with her twerking warmup video. Since then, she’s just been posting great videos of her great ass. Well, she’s back in the spotlight today as she was sending out snaps on her Snapchat of her playing a little putt-putt in a bikini.

I’m fully aroused. It’s not like she’s doing anything special, either. She just sort of has that it factor that can catch your pants on fire.

Since I’m a man of the people, why don’t we get to some bonus pictures?

Yup, that is one great ass.

[via Busted Coverage]

      1. Keep It Buttery

        They’re essentially the same thing, but I felt clarification was necessary.

        8 years ago at 2:00 pm
  1. SharkWeekTFM

    Peen didn’t twitch on this one. I have been drinking though.
    About that: a proper gin martini with the right amount of vermouth is highly underrated in the frat community. Put some class into your social life. Don’t feel like you need one of those special glasses. They can look cool but it can be hard to pull off. Just mix you up something right and enjoy. Round and smooth like the guitar tone on American Woman.


    8 years ago at 2:32 pm
    1. Strong F. Kennedy

      Usually I just drink a lot of beers and pass out faced down and pantsless on a nearby bench

      8 years ago at 2:43 pm