Trick-or-treating is for poor kids. My parents gave me Godiva gift baskets. TFM.

    1. r .rover

      not bragging about godiva, I just hated the concept of trick-or-treating so I had my parents buy me candy

      11 years ago at 9:24 pm
    2. W 2012

      you hate the concept of getting dressed up with your friends, going around getting tons of candy? This is every kids dream no matter how much money you have. Your life must suck.

      11 years ago at 8:05 am
    3. fratty shack

      You probably hated it because you were a fat kid and didn’t possess the stamina to walk a few blocks or because you didn’t have enough friends to go with. Being frat doesn’t mean not having a childhood, douche.

      11 years ago at 9:56 am
  1. ihsv

    he probably hates trick or treating because he was the kid who got beat up and all his candy stolen

    11 years ago at 6:50 am
  2. PS

    This is the worst TFM I have ever seen. This guy has to be the biggest douche bag ever. You probably would have qualified as the neighborhood pussy, eating your godiva bars on halloween when the rest of the kids are dumping buckets of candy into our pillowcases talking shit to pussy’s like you. What a loser.

    11 years ago at 9:28 am