AOPi At UF Celebrated Fall Rush By Removing Their Clothes For The Camera, Photo Goes Viral

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We received the infamous photo last Thursday. However, posting something of this nature isn’t always an automatic green light, even for us. The publication of a photo like this can throw out a wake of destruction, and we didn’t want to be the ones responsible for any damage caused. We decided not to publish it.

But now, since the photo has been covered by numerous outlets, is all over Twitter, and has been seen by probably everyone in the southeastern United States, we figured it was safe to report on. What more harm could we do, right?

Five members of Alpha Omicron Pi at UF are shown racily posing among a group of sorority sisters. The girls shown are reportedly seniors who are celebrating the conclusion of their final recruitment. One of them, the most prominent one appearing in the photo, is pulling her dress down, showing her college tits in all their glory. She tall. She blonde. She fine.

We can’t host the image because of its sexual nature, but you can view it on Twitter HERE.

The university is also aware of the photo, and according the UF student publication, The Independent Florida Alligator, no disciplinary action will be taken.

UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes said the photo has come to the attention of UF administration.

“Steps are being taken to address the issue, and we talked to the chapter president and asked her to advise headquarters,” Sikes said.
As of now, UF has not taken disciplinary action against the sorority, she said.

“It doesn’t appear to be a conduct violation, but this is something these women will have to live with for the rest of their lives,” Sikes said.

Enjoy your senior year, ladies.

[via The Independent Florida Alligator]

  1. The_Sherminator

    The link didn’t work. Please for the love of god and butt pee fix this Dorn

    10 years ago at 11:52 am
      1. bignasty

        That might be the nicest most cordial comment I’ve ever seen posted on this website.

        10 years ago at 3:55 pm
    1. Sailgating

      The pic was posted by @yikyakLSU go search on twitter. Them are some fine chest buoys if I do say so myself.

      10 years ago at 1:05 pm