Having 27 guns and not being able to get them all in one picture, one in the truck and one in cockpit with Dad. TFM.

  1. Airlinepilot

    Does your dad fly for American? My dad is an FFDO as well. Getting mine asap. Frat on sir

    13 years ago at 3:05 pm
    1. AA1880

      Yep, American FFDO, and yes gentlemen, I am ready to take on the zombies, aliens and liberals all at once.

      13 years ago at 3:26 pm
    2. Doogie Fratter MD

      My dad was an FFDO at American until he retired a couple of years ago. Awesome.

      13 years ago at 4:48 pm
    1. Brohan Sebastian

      ^If you aren’t kidding, you ought to save up some of that money you spend on guns… and go buy a fucking life. Otherwise. Sarcasm. TFM.

      13 years ago at 4:23 pm
    2. o so bro

      ^ A gun is a tool, and every tool serves a separate purpose. You could use a pipe wrench to pound a nail but a hammer will work better.

      13 years ago at 5:03 pm

      ^ I could get a good look at a T-bone steak by sticking my head up a bulls ass, but wouldnt you rather take the butchers word for it

      13 years ago at 12:49 am
    1. MrRobertLee

      If Texas is hardly the south then the only other option is that it’s better. Texas will blow any other fucking state to pieces

      13 years ago at 1:18 pm
    1. Fratcis_Marion

      Killed my first duck with a 50 year old (at the time) Sweet Sixteen. A-5’s are great guns.

      13 years ago at 11:23 am
    2. AA1880

      My Dad and both brothers all killed our first birds with that A5, it’s a 2 3/4″ 20 ga. Grandpa still has the matching 12 gauge with his collection

      13 years ago at 3:17 pm