ASU Sammy Raises Money For Brother With Rare Degenerative Brain Disease

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Just months ago, Brandon Londer was a typical student at Arizona State University, studying biomedical engineering and living the life with his brothers in Sigma Alpha Mu. Now, he’s confined to a hospital bed, barely able to speak. He no longer recognizes his closest friends.

Londer was stricken with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, a rare, degenerative brain disease similar to Alzheimer’s that develops at a rapid pace, robbing someone of their mind in a matter of months. There is no known cure. Among the 300 people diagnosed with CJD every year, the vast majority are over 60 years old. Londer is only 22.

To help Brandon and his family, the brothers of Sammy rallied together. They threw a charity softball game in his honor on the 17th and started a GoFundMe page titled “A Cure For Brandon.” So far, they have received $2,791 of their $5,000 goal.

Matt Metviner met Brandon his freshman year, and the two quickly became best friends. “I never grew up having a brother, until I met Brandon,” he said. Metviner promised him that someday, Brandon would be the best man in his wedding.

Studying biomedical engineering took up most of Brandon’s time, but when he was free, he could be found helping autistic children or designing prosthetic limbs for wounded veterans. He devoted his life to helping others. Now it’s our turn to help him.

If you can, spread awareness for CJD by sharing Sammy’s video, or donate to their GoFundme page HERE.

h/t The State Press

  1. AntonMS

    Sucks that since they’re not a top tier frat only 4 sororities participated out of the 12 at ASU

    8 years ago at 2:46 pm
    1. VandyConservative

      I was wondering why they didn’t raise more money. I was hoping it was a tiers thing

      8 years ago at 3:25 pm
      1. VandyConservative

        hoping it was *not a tiers thing. My bad, I usually don’t apologize but someone’s losing a brother and a son here far too soon

        8 years ago at 6:45 pm
    2. Teeej

      “Top tier” is a term used for insecure people like yourself. There is no such thing as a top tier frat or sorority, what does exist is the best frat or sorority for yourself. How would you like if a brother of yours was dying of a deadly brain disease? Have respect and stop worry about your ego because that will take you no where in life.

      8 years ago at 10:10 pm
      1. VandyConservative

        I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with you, at least in this context. I care about brotherhood, not tiers. Everyone I’ve seen commenting is rallying behind this guy. At the end of the day we all know that the guys in other chapters care about their brothers and are there for a reason. I can’t imagine seeing this happen to one of my chapter brothers and would be doing anything I could to help him and honor his memory. Good on these men for supporting their brother.

        8 years ago at 12:19 am
  2. TossMeABronson

    I knew a soldier who got the acquired form of this horrible disease while in Afghanistan with 5th Group (it’s happened three times that I know of). For the sake of his family, I hope that in this young man’s case it is not hereditary. Godspeed.

    8 years ago at 12:46 am