Australia Holds Race With Boats Made Out Of Beer Cans

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All I know about Australia is that the only time girls are interested in talking to me is when I pretend to be from there. That interest quickly wanes as it becomes apparent that the colloquialisms I mutter in my terrible Australian accent are clearly not Australian. I don’t know how they figure it out. Pretty sure “Yarr! Chips ahoy, matey! Can I be takin’ a gander at yer cannon hole?” is textbook Australian.

Yeah. So I don’t know much about Australia. But after hearing about the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta, I kind of want to learn more. In this boat race, entrants create boats out of beer cans and race them. Pretty straightforward.

From Fox News:

Taking place on Mindil Beach in Australia Northern Territory, the Beer Can Regatta features no specific rules for boat entry. Some structures look like simple rafts while one particularly ambitious design is reminiscent of dragon-bowed Viking ship. Some boats used up to a 1,000 cans. This year’s winner donated the money back to event organizers.

Check out this video of the race. Looks like a good time.

Looks like these Australians are really enjoying the high seas. As the Australians say, “Shiver me pilsners!”

Dorn just fired me for that joke.

[via Fox News]

Image via Youtube

    1. DirtyJobsWithMikeBro

      Hold a second there, champ. Australia is pretty awesome; they have a strongly-conservative government, one of the most powerful economies in the world with an economic freedom ranked fourth in the world, and is one of the top 10 most democratic countries in the world. I’m pretty sure those are all TFMs. Also, War Eagle.

      10 years ago at 12:26 am
      1. InternationalFrat

        Not to mention we have smokeshows pretty much everywhere and drinking is a national sport.

        10 years ago at 3:27 am
  1. RisingFratstarOfTX

    It would be more of a TFM if they could only use cans from beer they drink that day.

    10 years ago at 6:51 am