Be A Real American and Watch The Hatching Of A Bald Eagle Live

Bald Eagle

Do you want to watch a symbol of American freedom take its first breath? Damn right you do, and Esquire has the hookup.

Right now, at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, D.C., two bald eagles named Mr. President and The First Lady are preparing to add a new member to their patriotic AF family. Hell yeah, eagles. With eggs ready to hatch any minute, everything that goes on in that nest will be captured on a live camera stream. Disclaimer: These are wild animals, and shit could get real, as notes. Funnily enough, this countdown to hatching is crazy similar to the season two finale of Silicon Valley.

And here is the live stream for it.

Live streams are a hot ticket thing. We got to watch rockets never make it off the ground, a guy skydive from space, and some idiot tap out on a boa constrictor. This puts all of those to shame because bald eagles are both our great nation’s mascot and F. Very F. Especially when they have names like Mr. President and The First Lady. Holy damn you just know Mr. President is pulling a Slick Willy and getting his Willy slicked on the side by some hot eagle intern.

This got me thinking about other births I would have liked to witness.
1. George Washington – Father of a nation, slayer of Redcoats, all around nice guy.
2. Rob O’Neill – The man who got Bin Laden. You just know he came out with a full head of hair and a chaw of Redman.
3. Babe Ruth – I bet the Bambino was the size of a baby elephant. I bet the doctor was drunk too. We grew up in the wrong era, gentlemen.

All I know is that this little eaglet is going to grow into a badass bird of prey and represent our country like a total boss. I’ll be watching.

[via Esquire]