1. Zinkyslinky

    Knowing that the wall is horrible but pretending it’s not. Not frat. Get rid of the wall

    6 years ago at 11:47 am
    1. Fratty McFratFrat

      Actually, doing a half-assed job but telling everyone it’s great while taking full credit for the good parts and blaming the pledges for any deficiencies is the epitome of a TFM.

      6 years ago at 7:55 am
      1. Fratty McFratFrat

        The period after “athletic” was well-placed, even though it’s a sentence fragment.

        6 years ago at 4:03 pm
    1. Fratty McFratFrat

      In a browser there’s a huge “TFM” below the phrase. It doesn’t appear in the app. So, apparently:
      Using a web browser, TFM. Using the app, NF.

      6 years ago at 5:58 am