Big Fan Of This Guy At The University Of Illinois Who Purposely Dresses Like Kim Jong-un

The University of Illinois is a fine institution of higher learning, filled with some of the brightest minds Chicagoans have ever produced. People from cities in Illinois not named Chicago are welcome to attend UIUC, too, I guess. Whatever. If the state mandates it, I’m sure it’s fine.

One student, nicknamed the “Supreme Leader,” has taken his campus by storm. His name is not known, but from the information available on this Reddit post, he is clearly a popular figure in Champaign.

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From Reddit:

In response to what people are saying or might say:

I go to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, this was at a McDonalds on just off Campus

He may look annoyed, but every time that people came up to him and asked for pictures, he seemed perfectly content and maybe a bit excited for it. In our time there, he probably took a dozen other pictures with people, including selfies.

I’m not exactly sure why he dresses up like this, but I’ve heard somebody say that he thinks he’s Kim Jong Un’s nephew.

I go to UIUC and I know this guy. He purposely dresses up as Supreme Leader. I think he used to do commercials in South Korea in the same fashion.

He’s pretty chill actually. He was around on Quad day and popped over to the Illini Veterans table when a couple of Marine recruiters were asking to have us put info out about getting back in. The look on that Gunny’s face was fucking priceless when Kim walked up.

I played basketball with him at the ARC. Kim can ball.

There is something truly hilarious about a college student who is fully willing to adopt the wardrobe and hairstyle of one of the world’s least respected dictators. Hats off to you, good sir.

If you or someone you know has any information about the above Kim Jong-un impersonator roaming the University of Illinois campus, feel free to email me at [email protected] Would love to sit him down for a ‘view.

UPDATE (2:09 PM CST): The TFM readership has more intel.

From Arti:

Hello Steve Holt,
From what I’ve heard, the impersonater may be a student at the university. He has been spotted roaming the campus on Saturday evenings and is presumed not to speak English.

Best Regards,

From Mitch:

Hi Steve,

My name is Mitch ******* I’m a senior here at the UofI. I don’t know if you are anywhere near campus, but if you are the best time to catch this guy is at the bars. He hits every bar when he goes out. He will even pay for cover but not even drink just to go into the bars to walk around. So many people including me have tried to get him to talk but he won’t….he just stares at you. Let me know if you want to know anything else about this dude. Everyone here loves him though.

From Jack:

What’s up man I just read the article wanted to throw some more information your way. I’m a carder at kam’s and the Kim Jong un guy came in with an ID straight in Chinese symbols. Most foreign ID’s I see at least have some sort of numbers on it or something but his didn’t. I slapped a wristband on him anyways cause I figured a guy dressed like that deserves to rip shots with a bunch of drunk white kids calling him the supreme leader.

Here’s the photo of him from the night he was at kams with a couple of my friends. He was getting with some girl on the dance floor that night too, the guy is a savage.


From Rich:


Image via Imgur

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