College Gameday in Madison. Take note on how to drink southerners. TFM.

  1. Southern Proud

    Hell I’d drink my life away too if I lived in Madison. Y’all drink because y’all are depressed. We drink in celebration of being blessed at birth.

    14 years ago at 12:58 pm
    1. Bucky

      From the majority of the posts on this site, you are already drinking your life away.

      14 years ago at 5:18 pm
    1. Ron Brogundy

      I’m drunk in Wisconsin right now and I would much rather be sober in Baton Rouge. Just kidding, I’m never sober in Baton Rouge.

      14 years ago at 1:15 pm
  2. Seersucker Sam

    Wisconsin doesn’t have TN whiskey, KY whiskey, southern girls, southern pride, or any confederate background. Get off of this site, gdi.

    14 years ago at 1:09 pm
    1. Seersucker Sam

      yes, milwaukee. Thanks for the shitty beer we make our pledges drink. Besides that, keep your hoodies and northern accents away from us and off this site

      14 years ago at 9:54 pm
    2. preston fraterson IV

      How the fuck can you consider Milwaukee frat? Marquette doesn’t even have a football team you liberal piece of shit.

      14 years ago at 7:46 am
  3. Brolympian

    It’s common knowledge that southerners are better drinkers than yankees. Dumb comment

    14 years ago at 1:22 pm
  4. Frattorney at Law

    You’d be better served watching any SEC game on television and learning how to dress.

    14 years ago at 1:24 pm
  5. In Hoc

    best joke i have heard in a long time. big ten football might have somewhat of a tradition but let’s be honest.. the talent, coaching, and tailgating is completely uncomparable to the south. never post anything again on this site. this is a site only for real fraternities, which are located below the M-D line.

    14 years ago at 1:26 pm
  6. Tom Raper

    Camp Randell is so gay they practice dancing to the band before the game. TGDIM

    14 years ago at 1:27 pm
  7. Jeep Bromander IV

    The only place in Wisconsin that is remotely close to being fratty is Lake Geneva.

    14 years ago at 1:32 pm
  8. Bayou's Best

    Whomever is responsible for determining what gets posted on this site: PLEASE STOP POSTING BULLSHIT FROM THESE FUCKING NORTHERN GDIS.

    14 years ago at 1:40 pm