Boston College Senior Delivers Most Depressing Press Conference Answer In Sports History

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Like most bottom feeder college basketball programs this time of year, Boston College’s season came to an end yesterday following a 22 point loss to Florida State in the first round of the ACC tournament. The loss closes out a season where the Eagles went just 7-25 overall and failed to pick up a conference win, finishing with a lopsided 0-19 record in ACC play.

The noticeably young Eagles roster is anchored down by just 4 upperclassmen, which only two of whom are seniors. One senior in particular, Center Dennis Clifford, took the loss to Florida State especially hard. During the post-game interview, Clifford was asked what his best memory of playing college basketball will be. It wasn’t pretty.

I guess when you play on a team that actually did not win a game in the 2016 calendar year, all you really have to look forward to is the free meals that you pick up along the way; perks of being a DI athlete. It is worth noting, if you don’t recall, that one of the times Boston College went out to eat, more than half of the team ended up getting the Chipotle shits for days on end after eating some bad burritos earlier this season, but I guess when you play on a terrible basketball team, even food poisoning seems more appealing than going out and losing 19 straight conference games.

    1. AXPeeInHerButt

      Isn’t that why we tell people to pledge, for the comradery before the perks

      8 years ago at 12:40 pm
  1. Uptown Frat

    I feel for the guy, imagine having to do a press conference after your last football. It would be tough to control your emotions

    8 years ago at 12:40 pm
  2. CreightonFratStar

    It might sound depressing but being part of a team is a great experience. That’s why so many high school athletes join fraternities, because of the sense of camaraderie that is built in those bonds.

    8 years ago at 1:40 pm
  3. Siblings of Mark Wahlberg

    “anchored down by only 4 upperclassmen, which only two of them are seniors.” i’m perplexed

    8 years ago at 8:07 pm
    1. 144agemo

      Well, when a team is God awful, there’s not much demand for the respective players at the NBA level. As such, they reach this enigmatic 3rd or 4th year (even a 5th year once in a generation) and become “upperclassmen.” Legend has it, there’s even been a player or two to stay on team so long, they earned a college degree. Thats just a rumor, though.

      8 years ago at 2:31 am
  4. Cottonmouth

    If my family, girlfriend, and dog were simultaneously killed in a peyote-induced skiing accident I wouldn’t look as sad as this goob.

    8 years ago at 9:04 pm