Chandler Parsons To Instagram Model: “Show Me Your Tits”

When you’re a big name in the NBA and making $22 million a year, there’s no reason to slide into some Instagram model’s DMs. Odds are good that if she’s not messaging you first then she’s going to put you on blast should you try and initiate the conversation.

Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly found that out the hard way with Mia Khalifa. Luckily, Memphis Grizzlies big man Chandler Parsons found a solution to that — do it for everyone to see on Instagram Live.


Boom, bitch. Drained that jumper! Parsons is averaging more than 14 points over his NBA career, which goes to prove that shooters shoot.

Parsons did not actually succeed this time though as Insta-model Felicia Sanders did not show tits. Now, had he taken 10 seconds to scroll through her “modeling” photos on Instagram he might’ve had his insatiable thirst quenched.

Perhaps Parsons was joking. Perhaps he was just asking to see if she’d do it. Or perhaps he’s putting on the full-court press to further prove he’s not a virgin. Thoughts, fellow NBA star Joel Embiid?


…and there were no survivors. Low key, Embiid is a must follow on all social media avenues.

It’s been a tough year for Parsons with a knee injury limiting him to only six games this year, and now this. No one is getting out of 2016 alive.

Hopefully, Parsons will bounce back from this letdown.

Much love Dallas.

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Yep. He’s going to be just fine.

  1. Colonel Reb forever

    On a side note, the Memphis area has been down on this guy since the day he signed that massive contract with the Griz. It doesn’t help that he’s done little to earn it and seems indifferent about it altogether. So this just adds to the douchebaggery.

    4 years ago at 12:10 pm
    1. UnKappaFifth

      Not hating on his pull, he’s an all timer. As far as basketball goes I think he’s a bum at this point. Props to him for getting paid, twice, but his knees are shot and it’s a good thing Cuban wasn’t stupid enough to give him the max deal he was demanding. Parsons is washed up and this is coming from a Gators fan.

      4 years ago at 2:58 pm
  2. StockWithFrock

    He is 50% joking and 50% wanting to mash his meat mallot against her ham hanger. Don’t blame him tbh.

    4 years ago at 12:34 pm
  3. Deadlift27

    Parsons has more post on Instagram than points since he joined the Grizzlies.

    4 years ago at 1:22 pm
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  4. Butanefratoil

    This chick took over tfm Snapchat one day and I took off work to crank it

    4 years ago at 2:32 pm