Columbia University Thetas Dress As Other Nationalities For Beer Olympics, People Unsurprisingly Get Super Offended


Oh. This again, huh? I thought we went over this roughly 1,000 times already. If you and your friends are going to dress up as people from a different country and you aren’t the same color as those people, then you’re racist pieces of shit and prove that all fraternities and sororities are full of evil, horrible people.

For the love of God, if you do feel the need to dress up as another nationality or race in a way that might offend people, don’t post those pictures on any social media platform.

Unfortunately for us Greeks, Columbia University’s Kappa Alpha Theta chapter did not heed my advice, and now they’re taking some heat for having a little dress-up fun for their Beer Olympics. What exactly did they do that was so offensive? Take a look, via Columbia-centric blog, Bwog:


My God. Normally I don’t get too upset over stuff like this, but even I’m disgusted at what I see. In case you aren’t as racially sensitive as I am, let me explain what you’re looking at. The above photo depicts a group of Thetas dressed as “Team Netherlands.” They’re dressed in Dutch colors and are wearing what they believe are accurate cultural representations of the Netherlands. Now look to the far right. There, smiling, as if she’s LAUGHING IN OUR FACES, is an ASIAN girl dressed as WHITE EUROPEAN. The gall! The audacity! I’m going to be fucking sick. You don’t know us! You don’t know our culture! How DARE you?! The Dutch are a proud people, and to have a person who doesn’t look the same as the Dutch traditionally do dressed in an oversimplification of their culture shits on the nation’s ENTIRE legacy!

Oh, wait, I’m told this picture is not what has people at Columbia University upset. Nor are the photos at the top of the page, picturing Team France and the Jamaican Bobsled Team, causing a stir. Apparently it’s the pictures of Team Japan and Team Mexico that have everyone concerned.



Just completely offensive. An entire nation marginalized and disgraced by a few 20-year-olds. It’s shameful to see, because if there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that when actual Mexicans celebrate their culture and their nation during sporting competitions, they certainly don’t do anything to “caricaturize Mexican culture,” as Columbia University’s Chicano Caucus Executive Board put it in a statement responding to the Theta photos. Nope, native Mexicans would never make their culture out to look cartoonish, and there certainly isn’t an absurd amount of photographic evidence one may find when Google image searching “Mexican Soccer Fan.” Ahem…

Mexican fans



Britain Soccer WCup England Mexico





Brazil Mexico Soccer

A Mexican soccer fan poses before the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Cup at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg

Brazil Soccer Confed Cup Mexico Italy

Nor, of course, do the Japanese represent themselves at sporting events in a caricaturized manner.


Brazil Soccer Confed Cup Italy Japan




Germany Soccer WWCup England Japan

All in all, I’d say the Thetas did a pretty fantastic job of accurately representing these countries, at least in terms of what they look like when celebrating sporting events. The Thetas were dressed for the Beer Olympics, after all. But whatever, fuck photographic proof to the contrary. It’s all inaccurate and racist. Except for the Asian girl dressed like a white European citizen. That’s cool.*

*Ed. Note: It actually is cool, because seriously, who gives a shit?

The Thetas have already apologized to everyone who will listen. So has Columbia’s Panhel president, too.


Bwog, Columbia University’s student blog, just threw up a post wondering whether or not Columbia University’s Chicano Caucus should worry about how they represent their own culture before questioning how others do so.

Chicano Caucus also participated in Glass House Rocks on Valentine’s Day, where they provided students who stopped by with cutout posters to pose in. One of the two portraits provided to other students features a sombrero and a built-in large mustache.

While the actions aren’t equivalent and the group has the right to do whatever it wants with its culture, we can’t help but think that Chicano Caucus may have been perpetuating “the stereotype of the sombrero-wearing Mexican-American migrant worker” with this one.

Here are the pictures from the event:



That is some delicious irony.

[via Bwog]

  1. PowerPoint

    I could see how: Team – Forgotten Children of Uganda may be offensive. But not team fiesta.

    6 years ago at 3:48 pm
  2. ChacarronMacarron

    There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.

    6 years ago at 3:51 pm
    1. AButtChuggingPike

      I hate three kinds…
      1) Canadians (Yea I’m still salty about the hockey game)
      2) People who don’t finish lists

      6 years ago at 7:54 pm
    2. GreekRank

      Hey! According to data they are 4/5 and an “interesting new class” with 1.9/5 stars!

      6 years ago at 11:10 pm
  3. Apathy

    I posted this the last time a racist party happened, but here it goes again.

    People can dress up as drunk Irishmen on saint patty’s day all they want, but the second a white person dresses up as a non white person, shit hits the fan.

    6 years ago at 3:51 pm
      1. FlounderTC

        Want to talk about reverse racism? I told my black fraternity brother that he couldn’t say “cracker” but he could say “cracka”.

        6 years ago at 8:02 am
    1. BlackoutBrother

      As a minority, I personally find these parties funny/creative and don’t harm anyone (within reason). Although I have a confession. I dressed up as a skier from Breckenridge during a snow-themed mixer despite never having been skiing before. I’ve contacted my University’s Office of Internal Affairs and have placed the punishment on myself to never do such actions again. Sorry everyone, hope we can move past this egregious act.

      6 years ago at 11:39 am
  4. Apathy

    If anything I’m most offended by that asian girl on the Netherlands team. Who the fuck does she think she is.

    6 years ago at 3:52 pm
    1. the hazemobile

      Indonesian, probably. The Dutch had a nice little monopoly on the East Asian oil for quite some time…

      6 years ago at 4:03 pm
  5. MexicanMayhem

    Like honestly..most of the people getting offended aren’t that hispanic… like.. their blood is but that’s where it stops.. maybe some traditions at home. Most of my friends, family and I at least don’t get offended. Real Mexicans don’t get upset over stuff like this. It’s all in good fun. Viva La Fiesta. Thank you Bacon for pointing out how it really is.

    6 years ago at 3:54 pm
  6. ivyfratting

    Columbia alum here with a couple updates for you guys:

    Update for you all to enjoy about the student group who released a statement condemning the Thetas’ outfits:

    You also might enjoy that the fraternity chapter which hosted did not get in trouble, as all the brothers refused to represent any nation other than America.

    We’re not sorry.

    6 years ago at 3:56 pm