Construction Worker Gets Fired For Hanging Alabama Flag

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Making rival fraternities look like chumps has been a passion of mine since pledging seven years ago. It doesn’t matter if we’re running up the score in an intramural basketball game or invading their parties in tanks, D-Generation X style–it’s equally satisfying. Fortunately, there have been no repercussions, other than the various fights that inevitably have broken out and the thousands of dollars in property damage. Also, my boy Kyle got smashed over the head with a bar stool and now thinks he’s a glass of orange juice, but that story is for another time.

The news out of the SEC this week is a prime example of when clowning your rival can go horribly wrong. A crane operator, Bobby Livingston, was fired from the $450 million renovations taking place at Kyle Field after hanging up an Alabama Crimson Tide flag.

From KBTX:

Bobby Livingston from Mobile, Alabama posted on his Facebook page Sunday, that he lost his job after he placed a University of Alabama flag on the side of Texas A&M’s Kyle field.

The picture went viral on social media with some of his Facebook friends supporting the gesture.

Tough break, Bobby, but maybe Alabama will hire you for the renovations it will surely undergo after hearing about Kyle Field’s $450 million project. That’s the SEC for you.

[via KBTX]

Image via Twitter