Cop Dishes Out The Most Badass, Most American Threat Ever Delivered To Gang Members Terrorizing His Community

Gang members in the greater Lafayette, Louisiana area have reason to be afraid. Very afraid.

Captain Clay Higgins, surrounded by dozens of decked out squad cars and officers armed to the teeth, delivered a bone-chilling threat that would cause even the most hardened gangster to fill his baggy pants with shit. They will hunt you. They will find you. You will be tea-bagged by the bulbous nutsack of justice. | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette

Holy living fuck that speech got me fired up. Higgins just lets ’em have it, mocking them for being uneducated and scrawny and fighting dirty. He straight up calls them out, too. “I’m easy to find.” He’s just like, if you think you’re so hard, then come and prove it bitch boy, I can’t wait. And how about that dramatic music at the end? Fucking goosebumps. Just a full-on showcase of firepower. Pure intimidation. Higgins was 100 percent a drill sergeant at one point in his life.

You also gotta respect the foresight of addressing the racial issue. The liberal media sees a white cop with a southern drawl threatening black people and immediately plays the racist police brutality card — no matter how evil the wanted men may be. Higgins didn’t give them that chance.

Good luck to our boys in blue fighting to keep the swamps clean. Not that y’all need it.

[via KATC]

  1. ThePatternIsFull

    Freedom boner is at full mast. I hope they find those sons-a-bitches and serve them the justice they deserve

    8 years ago at 5:03 pm
  2. Karl Karlson

    “That’s between them and God” is always the badass thing to say. Give ’em hell gentlemen.

    8 years ago at 5:03 pm