CVS Fires Veteran For Stopping Robbers

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Joe Morici, a manager at CVS in Beltsville, Maryland, sprung into action when two robbers jumped over the counter, broke into a safe, and stole several narcotics from the store.

As the robbers fled, Morici stopped them at the front door, pinning one against the wall while beating back the other, who attempted to stab him with a screwdriver. Through his bravery, Morici managed to relinquish the robbers of most of the stolen narcotics.

From News 4 SA:

Police say the suspects took narcotics from the pharmacy’s safe. Morici says fearing for the safety of his customers and co-workers, he pursued the suspects to the front door where one of the suspects attacked him with this screwdriver.

Morici says, “He tried to hit me again with the screwdriver. I disarmed him of the screwdriver, while having the other guy pinned against the one door.”

Morici says he even managed to retrieve most, if not all, of the stolen pills during the struggle. The suspects got away.

So, how did CVS reward their manager for going above and beyond to prevent these robbers from selling potentially dangerous drugs to addicts and children on the streets? A plaque? A promotion? A free go at the beer/snack food aisles? Nope. They fired him. Turns out, CVS has a strict non-pursuit policy in dealing with robbers.

In a prepared statement a CVS spokesperson said, “In the unfortunate event of a robbery at one of our stores, the safety and well-being of our customers and employees is always our highest priority. We do not comment on specific security policies as we do not want to undermine them. And due to our employment privacy policies, we are unable to comment on Mr. Morici.”

Morici recently finished a year-long tour abroad, too. He says his military instincts kicked in, which is why he confronted the burglars.

“I did seven years in the military; a year overseas and that instinctive behavior is not something you can just turn a switch, and it doesn’t happen anymore. I didn’t act in the way CVS wanted, but I acted in the way that was right and I still stand by that,” says Morici.

I’m done with CVS. First they quit selling smokes, and now this bullshit. Get outta here. This man is a goddamn hero. Maybe if it was a couple kids who stole a handful of candy bars, then what Morici did could have been considered an overreaction. But not when we’re talking about a safe’s worth of pills.

Morici doesn’t know what he is going to do now, but he says he’s considering joining back up with the military.

So if any businesses out there are looking for a dedicated, loyal, and hardworking individual who is willing to put the company above himself, you’ve just found your guy. If not, the military is undoubtedly missing his strength and spirit.

[via News 4 SA]

  1. StockWithFrock

    That’s god damn disgraceful. This man got fired for having a set of balls, which is more than i can say for most. This man deserves better than CVS anyways.

    8 years ago at 4:10 pm
  2. BlackTrump

    I guess thats just the world we live in today. Veterans get fired for being heroes, Bruce Jenner gets an award for woman of the year, presidential candidates debate penis size on national television, and being a white heterosexual man is basically against the law. The only thing I have left to look forward to is the #buttstuff2016 movement.

    8 years ago at 4:11 pm
    1. RisingFratstarOfTX

      At least you know the liberals won’t attack that one since it’s the gays’ bread and butter.

      8 years ago at 5:20 pm
    2. WNBA_superfan

      Business elites (and higher up executives who set policy’s within a company) tend to be conservative. This seems to be the result of a corporation trying to protect itself from a lawsuit and ultimately protect its profits. Don’t be so quick to blame “the liberal world we live in today” the decision was the result of rules made by a business executive (these people tend to be conservative).

      This comment is going to get lapped but I doubt anyone will have a coherent argument against it.

      8 years ago at 7:50 pm
      1. SteveHoltOnDrugs

        I didn’t lap you because I disagree with you. I lapped you because you said “tend to be conservative” twice. PS: you’re sister is a slut.

        8 years ago at 8:04 pm
    1. FrattinSince1839

      Find an independent pharmacy near you. Go there instead. I guarantee you you won’t have to wait a fucking hour to get a prescription.

      8 years ago at 6:16 pm
  3. Chedda B 225

    Having worked for CVS all I can really say is fuck CVS. Buy that man a beer because he’s a fucking hero.

    8 years ago at 4:37 pm
  4. A Well Known Result

    “First they stopped selling smokes”. Jesus christ Boosh, when did they let you out of Sunnyvale?

    8 years ago at 6:00 pm
  5. Shut up Meg

    Well on the bright side, things got lit in Somalia today. 150+ dead al shabaab terrorists. Dead terrorists dont make up for the awful disrespect of our veterans, but at least this country’s not totally pussy yet.

    8 years ago at 6:02 pm
  6. GuyWhoPointsOutTheObvious

    That is the purpose of policy. Not so you can factor in the context of each story (oh this guys a veteran let him slide). If a 17 year old cashier goes to try to stop a robber and gets his head blown off that’s worse, so CVS values their employees more than product or cash by saying let them take the merchandise.

    8 years ago at 6:39 pm
    1. FratMuscle

      Walgreens has the same policy, and were very open with their employees about how our safety was more important than the pills and that they would fire anyone risking safety in any way. It happened fairly often, but they managed to keep it under the radar.

      8 years ago at 7:01 pm
      1. RoyTinCup

        Kroger has the exact same policy, catch a shoplifter, tell lost prevention or your manager. A company would rather lose $500 in merch than $150 million bc some 18 yr old thought he could be a hero and his family sues.

        8 years ago at 11:42 pm