Disgraced DePaul President To Resign Following Bungled Milo Yiannopoulos Apologies

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DePaul University’s ornery left is pulling a Mizzou and pressuring President Rev. Dennis Holtschneider to resign, following a visit from the professional provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos.

As most of you are already aware, Milo Yiannopoulos is an extremely gay, conservative British speaker/editor who tours college campuses, holding lectures and dropping truth bombs to agitate Social Justice Warriors. Extremely flamboyant with a self-proclaimed affinity for black men, Milo is impervious to claims of racism, sexism, and homophobia. Stripped of their usual insults, his detractors usually have no other choice than to bust up his rallies and storm the stages to try to intimidate him. His shtick prompted a trigger warning at Pitt, gave us UMass’ Trigglypuff, and had his lecture shut down at DePaul last month.

The fallout from this shameful display cost Rev. Holtschneider his job.

From Breibart:

After attempting to placate them with a grovelling statement backtracking on his previous apology, Holtschneider has now revealed that he intends to resign.

DePaul’s security (who Milo paid for) would not intervene when Black Lives Matter protesters stormed the stage and threatened to “lay [Milo] out,” prompting a “do your job” chant from the irate students in attendance. Understandably, the attendees were pretty pissed. When the rabble-rousers refused to leave the stage, the students marched on the president’s office, wanting to voice their displeasure.

Rev. Holtschneider eventually responded to the factious student body. The first “apology” can be read here, but I’ll give you the Sparknotes:

Holtschneider denounces people of Milo’s “ilk,” saying they are giant trolls and faux intellectuals who seek to undermine facts and reason in the spirit of stirring the socio-political pot. After he implies that people have a right to protest things that rustle their jimmies, he finally acquiesces that the campus Republicans were robbed of their opportunity to hear Milo speak.

No apology was offered to Milo or indication made that he planned to refund what Milo spent on the stolid security. In fact, Holtshneider followed this up with ANOTHER apology, this one to the Black Student Union for how Milo’s supporters allegedly behaved in the wake of this debacle.

So, you’d think the students on the right would be calling for the president’s head since he pretty much backed the assholes who ruined the whole event, right?


The same students who screwed this all up are the ones who just pressured Holtshneider into resignation. They pushed out the same obsequious president who excused their embarrassing fucking behavior all because he “apologized to campus Republicans” first.

You gotta be shitting me. What a chump.

If you need me, I’ll be putting more holes in the living room wall.

[via Breibart]

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  1. Henry_Eighth

    I hope your father didn’t bungle his apology to your mother for not pulling out.

    8 years ago at 9:51 am
  2. Colonel Reb forever

    Milo has been treated like shit by the left at every campus he visits. In fact it’s the left that’s guilty of violence and hate, and DePaul was the worst example. So this resignation is well earned.

    8 years ago at 9:55 am
    1. mingve

      On top of this the majority of the violence at trump rallies come from the left. I don’t care if you like him or hate him you shouldn’t get beaten up for going to hear him speak.

      8 years ago at 11:07 am
      1. Colonel Reb forever

        Update: Milo’s scheduled appearance at UCF has been cancelled because the police can’t guarantee his safety.

        Imagine the shitstorm of controversy if anyone from the right wing threatened a liberal speaker.

        8 years ago at 1:08 pm
  3. TheCamNewton

    Black lives matter is a hate group and should be treated as such in this country but the fact that they call themselves “black lives matter” makes people too afraid of the ramifications of calling them on their bullshit.

    8 years ago at 10:36 am
  4. Ticklemyfrock

    It seems like most people that work at universities and/or teach are a bunch of pussies that have never faced any kind of crisis before… grow some fucking balls you guys you can’t please everyone

    8 years ago at 10:51 am
  5. nolenation44

    These SJW and BLM clowns like to stomp and yell and complain about their situation while they’re attending institutions of higher education that give them a voice. You don’t have the right to say you’re oppressed because someone comes to your campus with an opinion that offends your delicate sensibility. Try that shit in places like Ukraine where people are beaten to death in public BY THE GOVERNMENT. Thats oppression.

    8 years ago at 11:19 am
    1. DougDimmadome

      Maybe being beaten by the government is what needs to happen to some of these fuckers.

      8 years ago at 12:18 pm