Donald Trump Offers $5,000,000 in Exchange for Obama’s College and Passport Documents

The Donald is still pulling power moves.

In this video, Trump offers to donate $5,000,000 to the charity of President Obama’s choosing, and all he has to do in exchange is release his “college records and applications,” and “his passport applications and records.” Trump thinks life is one long game show, and I love him for it.

Serious talk now, though. How badly would this look if the Obama team doesn’t make this huge charitable donation happen by complying with such simple, painless demands? The Donald is one brash S.O.B., but he’s a smart sonofabitch, too. This puts Barry and crew in an awkward situation.

Side note: the man still has the worst-most-awesome hair on the planet. Here’s the video:

The ball’s in your court, Barry.


  1. 1922

    Donald Trump needs to keep his idiocy out of politics. Stamping his name in with the GOP is detrimental to the party, and frankly, degrading. Extremism is the exception in the Conservative party (as it is in every party), not the rule, and the sooner people like Trump get out of the way, the sooner level-headed members can be pushed to the forefront.

    8 years ago at 1:03 pm
    1. Brobert F Kennedy

      I don’t know what’s worse, these idiots in the Midwest who keep trying to publicly justify rape or Donald Trump turning everything into a self indulgent spectacle. Calvin Coolidge said it best “I have never been hurt by what I have not said.” So shut the hell up, do your job, and stop making mountains out of molehills. It just turns the democratic process into a farce. Obama’s grades don’t matter. School doesn’t matter, it’s what you do after school that matters. Obama’s done plenty of stupid shit, make that the campaign, and don’t make our society into a game. It’s the issues stupid.

      8 years ago at 11:36 pm
    2. FraturalLight_UofA

      The point of getting Barry to release his transcript wasn’t to look at his grades

      8 years ago at 6:53 am
    3. KSUfratpack

      Although I may, or may not not agree with Trump associating himself with the GOP, GW Bush, Clinton, and GH Bush (just to name a few) all released these records on free will because it’s the right thing to do. Just like Trump said, I would be more than happy if everything adds up and justifies the records that he accounts for. After releasing a book called “Born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia,” one has to wonder who our president even is.

      8 years ago at 9:33 am
    1. FratMuscle

      He didn’t want to give poor black kids too much. He doesn’t invest in the drug game.

      8 years ago at 1:13 pm
    2. KSUfratpack

      ^ $5,000,000 donation to an organization that supports free handouts and low key embezzling

      8 years ago at 9:36 am
  2. Swampass

    Are the people who build Mosques a charity? What about the Muslim Brotherhood? Barry loves giving money to them.

    8 years ago at 7:43 pm
  3. Southern Frat 69

    I certainly don’t agree with everything Trump does. That being said, this is a fucking awesome power move.

    8 years ago at 10:12 am