Drinking excessively to celebrate minor accomplishments.

  1. Zinkyslinky

    Get rid of the wall…

    Here are a few horrible wall posts that you are more than welcome to use.

    1. Always having a beer in your hand. TFM
    2. Drinking beer while playing golf. TFM
    3. Saying “beer me that remote” instead of hand me that remote.
    4. Not wearing cargo shorts. TFM

    4 years ago at 10:36 am
    1. MightBePike

      There have been plenty of good ones. Why get rid of it? It’s kind of what a “total frat move” is and that’s the name of the site. Kinda just HAVE to keep it around, no?

      4 years ago at 10:55 am
      1. Henry_Eighth

        The Wall is dead; at this point you’re just abusing its lifeless corpse. If you really want to do the world some good, turn your efforts towards getting rid of the comments sections.

        4 years ago at 4:48 am
      2. Butanefratoil

        Just give us a forum to discuss things and moderate it. It will generate users discussing issues we are all interested in. Fraternity’s need to discuss ideas and tactics.

        4 years ago at 10:24 pm
      3. thevaginator

        If you’re using this site to try and discuss actual fraternity issues then you are a massive loser

        4 years ago at 10:52 pm
  2. MightBePike

    Y’all I think I figured it out. vaginator is a girl!

    Think about it. No guy would want to be a VAGinator. And what guy gets THAT emotional about what is essentially nothing?

    That’s why she’s always talking about girls’ booty holes and never their vah-jays! She doesn’t want to deal with the fact that she has the same genitalia as the babes of the day!!! It all makes sense now.

    Lets wait for her to take the bait and then, if we can be nice and supportive she’ll show her tits.

    4 years ago at 10:55 am