E. Gordon Gee Expenses 7.7 Million Dollars, Remains TFTC

E. Gordon Gee, President of the Ohio State University is the highest paid of any college president in the country, with a salary of 1.9 million dollars a year, and that’s just his take home pay.
In addition to being the president of one of the biggest state schools in the nation, and an avid professional supporter of the prestigious Buckeyes, Gee also was able to expense 7.7 million dollars worth of items from 2007-now…which really isn’t all that much, when you think about it.

Gees expenses include:
-$64,000 spent on bow ties, bow tie pins (TFM) and bow tie cookies (TSM?).
-$813,000 on tailgating alone. Apparently, his corn hole boards are made of platinum. I’m also willing to guess that the food spread at his tailgating tent is a little better than the basic burgers and dogs setup of other Buckeye fans…along with the caliber of alcohol served.
-$10,000 on limo transportation to and from airports. He had to find a way to carry all of his bow ties around.

Everybody’s in an uproar about his spending, citing the costs as “ridiculous” and claiming Gee is “out of touch.” I see nothing wrong with any of this. I can support a college president who wants to look good and travel in style, and I can especially support one who prioritizes supporting athletic teams in a non-Sandusky type way. As for the bow tie cookies…maybe this is a new take on the Reagan jelly bean concept?

Either way, at least we know what Ohio State’s tuition covers.