Eagles Rookie(s) Stuck With $64,000 Dinner Tab

UPDATE: It was a hoax.

I got you good, you fucker!


Same team, same restaurant, same position group, and pretty much even the same overpriced alcohol–just four days ago, we reported on the Eagles’ Lane Johnson picking up an absurd dinner tab of just under 18 grand at Philadelphia’s upscale Del Frisco’s Steakhouse.

That was chump change. Eagles offensive guard Evan Mathis posted the below dinner check to Twitter tonight with the caption “Teaching rookies a lesson…” The total? $64,055.76. It’s unknown whether one rookie picked up the tab or if Mathis and teammates let a few of them split it.

I’d fucking cry. I really would. I’d cry right there in public.

[via Twitter]

  1. SNUBonny

    Evan Mathis is officially the fifth year senior who never gets laid trying way too hard.

    10 years ago at 9:06 pm
  2. PikeBikesIncorporated

    But honestly, no one cares how much rookies have to pay to go out for dinner.

    10 years ago at 9:52 pm
  3. I am drot nunk

    I mean I’m all for rookie hazing but this kinda shit teaches these guys that it’s ok to do frivolous spending and then you end up with a bunch of dumb, bankrupted NFL players.

    10 years ago at 10:15 pm
    1. Texas Tux and Oil

      Looks like roger got trolled with the rest of the media, this story was reported fake.

      10 years ago at 9:28 am
      1. OneRowdyGentlemen

        “Rock Paper Scissors Roshambo” for those who had as hard a time as I did zooming in.

        10 years ago at 1:30 pm
    2. gamefrock

      Leaving my shitty comment on here to parasite off of your popular remark so all you fuckers can’t downvote me into the unknown. Ha ha ha you fuckers

      10 years ago at 1:04 pm
  4. sosick

    I don’t disagree that this isn’t hilarious, fuck that pledge. But $64K could buy some poor Indian kid who might cure cancer a whole lot of education. Just sayin

    10 years ago at 10:53 pm
    1. fannypacker

      Dearest liberal, he earned it and the right to spend it on whatever dumb shit he wants. Kick rocks.

      10 years ago at 1:19 am
      1. Floridafrat

        There’s a reason these dipshits are poor 5 years after they stop playing. This isn’t warren buffet buying a golden replica of his penis because he can, it’s a future recipient of welfare showcasing the meaning of “urban” rich.

        10 years ago at 9:09 am
    2. DhiPelt1848

      Who the fuck cares about buying one Indian kid an education? If you really want the money to go somewhere proper have it go to underprivileged children or starving kids in Africa.

      10 years ago at 1:20 am
  5. Not_a_CIA_Spy

    Dorn to his credit the sentence was quite long. I stopped reading after the first 2 lines.

    10 years ago at 11:16 pm