Elderly British Man Lives With 9-Pound Tumor In His Scrotum For A Year Because He “Doesn’t Like A Fuss”

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Old dudes will never fail to amaze me. They may be four times my age, but their incredible tolerance for pain and their unending desire to avoid complaining is truly impressive.

Bob Day, an 83-year-old from England, recently had a nine-pound tumor removed from his scrotum. Day had watched the tumor grow over the course of the past year, but he refused to get it checked out because he isn’t one to condone bitching, no matter how extreme the circumstances.

From The Daily Mail:

He said: “You could see it in my trousers. The tumour was getting bigger and bigger but I kept putting it off—I don’t like a fuss.

I wasn’t in pain. If I had been in pain, I probably would have gone earlier. I was still doing the gardening and doing everything as normal.”

While his hatred toward those who complain about every trivial detail of their life is definitely something I share with him, it turned into a detrimental decision once he finally visited the doctor and learned he had sarcoma.

It was his daughter Jennifer, 54, and son Stephen who spotted the lump – and the fact their father was getting tired and sleeping in his chair more often.

Mr. Day’s GP referred him to a urologist at Liverpool’s Broadgreen hospital last December and after a series of scans, he was booked in for surgery in February.

His daughter Jennifer, 54, added: “With the size of it, I thought they were going to say it’s too late, there’s nothing we can do.

‘When you think of cancer, you think that’s it. It is remarkable what they have done for him.”

The thought of carrying around a football-sized tumor in my scrotum for an entire year seems excruciatingly painful and incredibly uncomfortable.

While I admire his desire to avoid “a fuss” and to continue with his daily routine as if nothing was wrong, I just can’t help but wonder how NOT ONCE did he think his ever-enlarging scrotum was something that could be put off until it became painful. You don’t mess around with the nuts. You just don’t.

Either way, he seems like one cool, old dude. Keep fighting, bro.

[via The Daily Mail]

  1. Eugenicist at Large

    Refusing to get that lump checked required some big balls on the part of that old man.

    10 years ago at 1:39 pm
  2. Car Dick

    I don’t know. I guess if you aren’t getting any at regular intervals, you might be okay with it, but I think by the time you get around a couple of times, I think someone might notice.

    10 years ago at 1:46 pm