Exclusive Interview With Darin Brooks, Alex Moran From “Blue Mountain State”


Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s “Blue Mountain State” week here at TFM. Through the week, we’ve had some exclusive interviews with the cast and creators of everyone’s favorite dysfunctional football team, and next up on the list is the one and only Darin Brooks. You might know him better as main character Alex Moran, the backup QB turned starter.

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Without further ado, here’s the Q&A with Darin. We tackled a lot of hard questions, like what it’s like to have on-set boners and how big of an asshole Alan/Thad is.

Let’s break the ice early. BMS had countless lingerie-clad babes on the set in every single episode. What’s the set etiquette for boners?

Haha well there’s a saying in acting “I’m sorry if I do…and I’m sorry if I don’t” in reference to getting a boner on set. On the one hand, you don’t want the girl to think she’s not attractive if you DON’T get one, then there’s you don’t want her to freak out if you DO get one. So all in all, my rule of thumb is, distract yourself at all costs and focus on what the lighting guy is doing. But honestly, there’s so much going on at one time, 20 or 30 guys around you, angles of shots, lighting, sheets, making sure the girl feels comfortable by covering her with the sheets, etc. It’s hard to really think about much bonerlicious things.

What’s your relationship like with Alan? Is he as big of a douche as everyone seems to claim?

Yes! Absolutely!!! A Grade A Douche!!!… No! Seriously, he’s actually the sweetest guy and so is his family. He’s professional and just a really good dude. And when we get on set, he just turns on this character. It’s extremely fun to watch!!

I asked Alan this, but I want your take on it, too. How many times have you seen Romanski’s dick?

Um…lets see…Carry the 2…multiply by 14……..67 times!!! I think if Romanski has a chance to pull it out, he does. And if there isn’t a chance to pull it out, he’ll write in into the scene just to fuck with us! Haha As many times as I’ve seen his dick though, I still love the guy!

Your character Alex loves the babes, drugs, and the laid back lifestyle that basically epitomizes the frat life our audience enjoys. What do you think Alex Moran’s collegiate career would have been like without BMS football?

I think we talked about that, in the beginning of the first season of the show, Alex even stated “I’m gonna be a high school gym teacher…” and he’s fine with that! But I think like any character that we see GROW in a show over time and grow up with these brothers in his frat house, he goals in life grow up as well. I think by this time in the series, he’s been through so much with his brobeanses in the Goat House that he might finally WANT to be a leader and see the value of his talent and try to go pro!! It’d like to see that Good Will Hunting moment in his life…but instead of with book smarts, it’s someone telling him to do something with his god-given raw talent as a quarterback! If he just applied himself!!… But then again, we’ll just have to see what Romanski and Falcy have in store!

How excited were you to find out the “Blue Mountain State” movie was a reality? What was your initial reaction?

I was super stoked!! They told me that it was happening and I thought – Well alright, let’s go do this for the fans!!! Seriously, that’s what this is about for me and for all of us! It’s YOU guys! You’ve followed us since the beginning and we’ve been having so much fun doing this show, about you guys, for you guys! And whenever I meet one of you guys out and about, it’s always awesome to hear about how hard you laughed or quote the show or just how happy you are with what we’ve done! It’s a joy for me!

Is there a role for me in the movie that involves full penetration? I’m trying to make my big screen debut, and I’m as shameless as it gets.

Wait, are you doing the penetrating? or being penetrated??…hmm…I think we’ll have the GOAT back?! Either way, it’s a pleasure to work with and doesn’t mind either!

In a big way, “Blue Mountain State” seems to be about Alex’s rise to glory. What are some of the expectations for the character in the movie–besides rounding up pussy by the metric ton, of course?

Oh yeah, besides that of course!!! Well I do think that BMS has been about Alex Moran, your everyday guy who has been given this god given talent to throw the ball and be a quarterback and be a leader, and he just never wanted it! He’s the guy who every guy wants to be and every girl wants to sleep with…but he just doesn’t want the responsibility or the pressure. I think in the movie we’ll get to see Alex grow, just like I talked about before – grow into that leader and take responsibility and be the guy who everyone relies on. This show in someway or another has always been about this group of guys who have now bonded, a band of brothers if you will, and who always will fight and stick up for each other and over come adversity, even if it’s Cloris Leechman giving out handjobs for A’s! If one of us does it, we ALL do it! 

It seems like the set of BMS is a constant good time. Besides Alan, who would you say is the biggest wild card during production? You know, the person who leads to the laid back atmosphere you guys seem to have?

On our set, people are always laughing and fucking around and having a great time! It seriously was our little frat house on set! I’d say the biggest wild cards on our set are Omari (Larry), James (Harmon) and Rob (Donnie)…those 3 guys make me laugh so freakin hard! All the time, they’re just super funny guys! And I mean you look at Alan and Romanski and that’s a given! But sit down with those 3 guys sometime, and they’ll have you in stitches the whole time!

Has there ever been a scene during the series where you thought, “There’s no way we can do this on TV?”

Every episode we did!!! Seriously, from the Cloris Leechman handjobs, to the pocket pussies, to the rabies, to the always memorable scene when Thad helps Alex get his “used condom” back from a crazy booster, to the Riots on campus, to the killing of the goat (sorry PETA, no animal was harmed in the filming of this series), to the orgies, to the drug olympics, to…I mean… It’s crazy what we’ve gotten away with and what the people at Spike and Lionsgate let us get away with…but I think that’s what has made this a stand alone, cult followed, show! People love it because it’s just crazy and out there!

What are your expectations for the movie? Over/under 264 bare breasts in the final project? Romanski’s don’t count.

Well if Romanski’s don’t count…I’d have to say just about 262 breasts then!! That’s 131 full sets…maybe 130 with a triple? Can we get a girl with 3 breasts? I’ll have to ask Falcy and Romanski to do some research…see if we can get the first REAL set of a triple… There’s a feat…

What are you looking forward to most when it comes to making the “Blue Mountain State” movie happen?

I’m so looking forward to getting the band back together man! And for this movie, it’s our one shot to get it done right! Made by the fans, and specifically FOR the fans! So we have to get it right! Keep that team effort and give all our characters that one last shot and really make a kick ass movie for everyone!! And who knows…if we do really well…we just might have to make another one for you guys!!! 🙂

I like to think I was a lot like Alex Moran in my college experience. I flew under the radar while I could and I enjoyed the benefits, but when it came time to take it to the next level, I stepped up and only drank 11 beers on Tuesday nights instead of my usual 17. Any advice for the fans who relate to your character?

Haha well that does seem like a step up! No, seriously, My advice for the fans is this…College life is awesome! I only went to my first 9 months of college and then dropped out, but when I was there, it was fun man! Shooting this series was actually my substitute for college life because the guys I got to work with for 3 seasons, are like my brothers now, man! College life is the time to grow up and be out on your own, away from the parents and make friends…You seriously meet some of the best lifelong friends you will ever have in those 4 or 5 years you are there…So just have fun!! Kick ass, take names and have a great ass time!!! But at some point you gotta hunker down and go after the career you want…but the first year, definitely…have fun!

Any words of wisdom for the assholes still on the fence about donating to the BMS Kickstarter?

YOU DAMN ASSHOLES!!! GET OUT THERE AND DONATE!!! There shouldn’t be any debate…if you love the show, you’ll love the movie! And the next one and the next one!! 🙂 You’re gonna want to be apart of getting this made because you’ll know it’s because of you guys that it actually will! We’re in this together Brobeanses and Bromigos!!! Go Goats!!!

Any final words for the TFM fans who treat “Blue Mountain State” like their personal bible?

Dude, seriously…you guys are the SHIT! Honestly, I can’t tell you how much it means to me that this show has become so huge with you guys! It’s really incredible to see how many people out there actually laugh and love the show! That’s what we do this for! We love doing this because of you guys! And thanks so much for this interview! Get out and donate! Go Goats!!!


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