Father Of The Year Charged For Buckling Beer In Car Seats, Making Children Sit On Floor


Beer is better than having children in every conceivable way. Let’s break it down.

Child: Makes women look worse.
Beer: Makes women look better.

Child: Acts like child.
Beer: YOU get to act like a child.

Child: You have to clean shit out of pants.
Beer: You don’t have to… well, I guess they’re even on this one.

But the point is, I sympathize 100 percent with this Australian father who buckled cartons of beer in the back seat while making his flesh and blood sit in the foot wells. Kids suck. Beer is awesome.

From ABC:

Officers said they made the discovery on Wednesday during a traffic patrol of the Great Northern Highway near Broome.

Police said several children, including a baby less than a year old, were lying on the laps of adults and in foot wells while cartons of beer were piled onto the seats.

A 27-year-old man has been charged with no authority to drive and failure to restrain a child.

In his defense, maybe he was just so drunk he thought the kids were the beer. On second thought, maybe that defense doesn’t have much play.

[via ABC]