Father-son bonding is a beautiful thing

  1. thevaginator

    It wouldn’t matter if he was in Vegas or fucking China this loser isn’t getting laid either way

    6 years ago at 10:45 pm
  2. Desmond Frattington

    “Hey bro let me borrow your phone and change your name to Dad! Haha it’ll be a TFM!”

    6 years ago at 9:47 pm
    1. thevaginator

      You’re seriously still running your mouth??? When are you gonna ever back some of that shit up? If your next response isn’t a time and place where i can knock your teeth In then you are admitting to everyone on This site that you are a massive pussy

      6 years ago at 1:00 am
      1. thevaginator

        You’re the one who’s dancing little man. Now why don’t you give us another while i got you

        6 years ago at 2:17 pm