Flag Flown At D-Day Sells For Over Half A Million Dollars

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D-Day, the invasion of Nazi-occupied Normandy, is one of the more badass moments in American history. The 72nd anniversary of the historic event was just last week and people all around the world were reminded of the incredible bravery of the men — both American and from our allied nations — who risked their lives on that day in 1944. Today, a piece of history from that day was sold at auction for an impressive sum.

The U.S. flag that was flown from the vessel that brought the first American soldiers to Utah Beach during the invasion was sold at an auction in Dallas, Texas. The flag, not impressive in size, is tattered and worn. Its edges are frayed. It has one bullet hole in it from a German machine gun. It bears 48 stars, as Hawaii and Alaska had yet to be admitted to the Union. After two weeks of online bidding followed by a live auction, the flag sold for $514,000. It was not expected to go for that much, but it’s a real piece of American history, and if you ask me, it’s priceless.

Prior to being auctioned, the flag belonged to Lieutenant Howard Vander Beek, the commander of the boat from which the flag was flown. He kept the flag until his death in 2014, after which his family gained possession of it. They decided to sell it at an estate auction for an undisclosed amount. Personally, as a military history buff, I don’t know if I could part ways with such an impressive and iconic piece of history like that, but hopefully it’s still in good hands. I like to think that someone who’s willing to drop over half a million dollars on something will take good care of it.

[via Army Times]

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      1. beanfickersupreme

        We didn’t have a Great Depression or draft to force “us” to fight a war for 15 years there chief.

        8 years ago at 7:15 am
      2. PirateSteveTFM

        You seem like one of the guys that retweets stuff on twitter and thinks they’re making a difference in the world, this was the generation that actually stepped up and actually did something to change what they thought was wrong.

        8 years ago at 11:00 am
      3. beanfickersupreme

        No, I’m just sick of hearing about how millennials are just a bunch of pussies, and as someone whose actually served and deployed, it’s getting annoying because I wasn’t forced to do it, yet I have to hear about how worthless my generation is.

        8 years ago at 2:05 pm
      4. RacistAssMelly

        1/3 of WWII recruits enlisted willingly.
        2/3 of Vietnam recruits enlisted willingly
        For the past 15 years, an all volunteer force, comprised largely of “millennials” has been fighting in two large wars and many lesser known ones- carrying more gear and possessing more tactical knowledge than any previous generations. And the bulk of this force comes from the middle class.
        That’s the point he was making- and it is entirely justifiable.

        8 years ago at 12:15 am
  1. Tall Can Sam

    A truly priceless symbol of patriotism. We owe our American freedom to all the brave men who sacrificed their lives on that day.

    8 years ago at 8:12 pm