Hitting one of my own Titleists on the range, because I didn't want to end on a hook. TFTC.

  1. TheFrasters

    if you were actually good at golf you could hit it straight with any type of ball…

    13 years ago at 3:59 pm
    1. Damn Right

      You don’t hit it anymore straight with a Titleist Pro V1, it only adds more spin and slightly more distance.

      13 years ago at 6:53 pm
    1. TheFratFace1868

      Makes perfect sense.
      He purchased a bucket of balls, after hitting the last one poorly he decided to knock one of his own separately purchased balls out there in an attempt to boost his confidence before the first tee.

      13 years ago at 4:47 pm
    1. Damn Right

      I never said Texas sucked, hell half my family is from Texas. I said the Casey Anthony trial would’ve likely had the same result if it were in Texas.

      And this is coming from the person who says the only reason he likes Florida is because of Key West (the gayest city in America)

      13 years ago at 6:51 pm
    2. Damn Right

      And yes if by not wanting the jury to base their decision off emotion and to want them to go by the “innocent until proven guilty” principle that makes me a hippy to you, then yes I suppose I am a hippy.

      13 years ago at 6:52 pm