Hitting golf balls off the lake house deck at GDIs on shitty wave runners. TFM.

    1. The Piker

      Agreed. Although the new Sea Doo line looks pretty nice too. I’ve been on Yamahas for 10 years though, don’t really want to switch. All have treated me very well and are easy to maintain.

      13 years ago at 3:07 pm
    2. PhiGammaDelta1916

      We all miss your cousin. But he was being a show off and trying to splash us.

      13 years ago at 5:18 pm
  1. Denzel FRATington

    Waverunners are pretty much for poors or GDIs, unfortunately. “Look at me rip this wave, brah!!”

    13 years ago at 3:05 pm
    1. I Piss Excellence

      Or you could just ride one and not act like a jackass on it like normal people. Jet skis start at around $10,000, how are they “for the poors?”

      13 years ago at 4:58 pm
    2. The Piker

      So do Hyundais and Kias. Guess they aren’t “for the poors” either. Waverunners are incredibly affordable, and poor people ride them, but wealthy people can enjoy them too. Arguing over the price of a recreational vehicle is stupid (beyond boats), because they are intended to be available to the masses, especially PWCs, ATVs, etc.

      13 years ago at 9:58 am
    1. The Piker

      You can get telescopic handles in a waverunner and sit-down Polaris Jet Skis…They are all PWCs, and Sea Doos, Waverunners, and Jet Skis are all acceptable names for the bunch, and most just refer to all by the brand they own.

      13 years ago at 10:37 am