“Fratster Beach” In The Hamptons Faces An Alcohol Ban Because City Doesn’t Like To Party

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This is an outrage–I thought this was America. Ahead of the biggest party weekend of the summer, East Hampton lawmakers are making a push to ban alcohol on “Fratster Beach.” The claim is that rowdy visitors from out of town are holding “wild, spring break-style parties.” I fail to see the problem here. It’s summertime when the living is easy. It is our right to party.

From Daily UK:

Officials said the worst offenders would drink themselves to oblivion, stumble drunkenly into the surf, use the sand dunes as toilets and expose other beachgoers, including children, to an uncensored array of unseemly acts.

Sounds like your standard Tuesday night to me. I’d argue that the children probably are also using the sand dunes as toilets. When nature calls, you have to drain the main vein as soon as possible.

I get the overall gist of their argument here, but I’m just not buying it.

 There’s a worry among some that the banning of alcohol will cause the parties to move to other nearby beaches.

Trustee Deborah Klughers said she fears banning drinking at Indian Wells will compel the rowdy crowds to infiltrate the town’s other beaches, particularly in Montauk, where it will remain legal.

As any good fraternity member knows, you can shut down the place, but you can never shut down the party.

[via Daily UK]

  1. father_time307

    Even though the pic is from Panama City beach, still total bullshit that people are having to constantly find new ways to do what comes natural and get foolish on beaches.

    10 years ago at 11:16 am