I own stock in Phillip Morris. TFM.

  1. Kaiser WilFRAT II

    GDI much?

    A real TFM would be having a free ride into a 6 figure paycheck from Phillip Morris.

    14 years ago at 10:37 am
  2. Fratty like Phi Alpha

    Since my law firm internship consits only of eating lunch with the partners and then drinking with them after work, all I do during the day is check my stocks, text slam pieces and post on TFM. Sorry your summer job as a consturuction worker actually keeps you busy GDI.

    14 years ago at 6:23 am
    1. Bro-rogatory SAE

      As a brother, and i’m hoping your not. I think you’re lame. SAE chapter at Furman must suck dick.

      14 years ago at 6:51 am