G-Spot Enlarging All the Rage

For thousands of years, pinpointing the elusive G-Spot has proven problematic for all men who weren’t blessed with an innate 6th sense for its location. Scientists have been able to figure out what atoms are made of, how to put a 2,000 pound rover on mars, and how to do heart surgery with robots, yet many men still struggle to locate this magical little piece of heaven every girl has hidden up her vagina. (If you who fall into this category, you might want to check out this link).

A few doctors, who grew tired of searching for cures for cancer, malaria, and other terrible diseases, have finally done something to combat this problem. Women who have about $1,200 and 30 minutes of free time can go to specially licensed gynecologists and have a procedure done called the “G-Shot,” which increases the size of the G-Spot enough to make a significant impact on women’s sexual experiences. There’s no word yet on whether or not this is would be covered by Obamacare, which perhaps marks a missed opportunity to attract orgasm deprived women voters by his campaign.

One British woman named Caroline found that her boyfriend Christopher lacked the sexual prowess to deliver on those vag rattling g spot orgasms that she’d been yearning for. However, she thought Christopher might not be the only problem, citing prior issues with former man slams.

“[A] few years ago, my partner at the time said he wanted to find it. We actually set aside an entire afternoon and spent hours searching for my G-spot.”

So this time she decided to take matters into her own hands after hearing about the “g-shot” arriving in England from America (an event which represents a thank you to the Brits for sending us the Beatles).

“I attended a consultation, where Professor Dartey explained that injecting collagen into my normal, pea-sized G-spot would enlarge it for up to four months. The results would mean longer, more intense orgasms.”

After the procedure was a success and she and her boyfriend engaged in a rowdy bout of post-surgery sex which probably sounded a lot like this:

I have quite literally never experienced anything quite like it. I had constant multiple orgasms which went on for hours. That first time, the whole thing was so intense I was actually a bit scared. I was so overcome, but thankfully the intensity is something I’ve got used to. I still have multiple orgasms every time I have sex, but they no longer leave me flat on my back.

Although many of the girls I know are content with 3am, blacked out, genital stabbing sessions where it can be nearly impossible for either party to have an orgasm, this shot could possibly provide some relief for people in serious relationships who have problems in the sack. The long term effects of the shot are not clear and it might be hard to find away from major cities. However, it’s certain that some girls are going to be enjoying penis a little bit more.


    1. Jon M Fratsman

      ^ Graciously telling your slams up front that you don’t care about their orgasm. RFM.

      12 years ago at 10:24 am
  1. War_Damn69

    Since the sweet, sweet lord blessed me with two dicks the g-spot can never escape my partners in crime

    12 years ago at 12:33 pm
  2. BetterThanYou1839

    Usually I just find the G-spot, pierce it with a hook then tie a string to it so you can manually enlarge it. Pretty much one good tug a day and that thing will be large enough for the smallest of Orientals.

    12 years ago at 12:57 pm
  3. dsomers

    How are golf balls and g-spots different? I spend more than three minutes looking for the golf ball.

    12 years ago at 1:18 pm
    1. Strictly Anal

      ^Because you’ve never lost a golf ball in your entire life. Never not once. Even PGA golfer lose balls on occasion, and since you’re not, quit trying so hard.

      12 years ago at 1:04 pm
    2. fratanomics

      No I just don’t spend more than 3 minutes looking for a golf ball. If you can’t find it in 3 minutes, you’re not going to. I’ll take the stroke penalty.

      12 years ago at 9:20 pm
  4. Plan B is Plan A

    Not giving a shit about a woman’s orgasm but her still having one every time – TFM.

    12 years ago at 6:25 pm