GDIs Haze Each Other With Exorcism And Other Weird Cult Shit, No National Outrage Ensues

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Here’s my biggest problem with the war on Greek life. The media will crucify every fraternity in the nation when one chapter gets caught “hazing.” Meanwhile, when a marching band or a football team beats a kid to death, there’s no call for reform. No national outrage.

In this bizarre story out of William Paterson University in New jersey, there wasn’t even an organization — just a group of geeds with a burning desire to rid one another of the evil spirits lurking within. An unnamed female student recently blew the lid on the occult operations. To put it lightly: Shit gets weird.

The woman, who started hanging out with the world’s freakiest clique after becoming romantically involved with one of the dudes, told the authorities about the strange hazing she went through. Exorcisms. Being locked in a room, smacked around, and denied her prescribed medicine so she could “cleanse” herself. Summoning demons and spirits and adopting “alter egos.” Just your typical #CollegeLife.


At a “small gathering” in a dorm room at William Paterson, the group members told her “about demons and spirits,” and explained that they had “alters,” or “alter egos,” which would take hold of members of the group without warning, the woman said in reports filed with university police, the court said.

During this gathering, the woman said, Nadarajah switched to one of her alters and began having a seizure and foaming at the mouth, according to the court.

The woman said she then tried to leave the group and told the man she was dating that she was “concerned about the mental health of all its members,” but he told her no one would believe her and that she was crazy, the court said.

Afterwards, the man and others tried to convince the woman that she was possessed by a spirit named “Olivia,” who the group claimed was raped as a young adult and also had sexually assaulted and baby-sat Rockwell, the court wrote.

Later that month, the woman said in a report, she was placed on “lock-down” in Nadarajah’s dorm room and was not permitted to take her asthma medication or sleep in her own room as the group performed an exorcism on her.

The woman said that when she tried to “escape” the room, she was held down and told the lock-down was “for her own good,” to get rid of the demonic spirit, Olivia.

In an attempt to free the woman of being “possessed” by “Olivia,” Nadarajah repeatedly slapped her in the face and Rockwell slapped her and placed his hand around her throat, she told campus police.

At the end of the lock-down, the group attempted to perform an exorcism on her in WPU’s outdoor volleyball court, splashing holy water on her face and chanting in Latin, the woman told authorities. Afterwards, they told her she was no longer possessed.

Holy living fuck that was weird. The girl must be traumatized after all that. But where’s the national outrage? Why is it only fraternities that get the shaft for hazing when far crazier shit goes down?

My guess is that this instance was so out there, people didn’t feel the need to share it as a cautionary tale. Obviously, most college kids aren’t going to perform exorcisms or choke each other until they channel the spirit of a dead person.

This gives me an idea.

If your fraternity finds itself facing a shut down, just throw yourself to the ground and shake violently and chant strange tongues when nationals comes. Your chapter will still be donezo, but maybe the national media won’t blame the chapters at other schools because y’all were so weird that there’s no way anyone else is doing something similar. Hey, it’s worth a shot.


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  1. Theta_Theta

    So they figured that the best place for an exorcism was an outdoor volleyball court? Seems like we’re dealing with a real group of winners here

    8 years ago at 9:25 am
      1. Theta_Theta

        I mean if your gonna run a crazy exorcism cult at least do it right. This was amateur hour

        8 years ago at 10:46 am
      2. 1_Rugey_Jentelman

        I’m guessing they played in the sand to draw their lines. Fucking amateurs. No wonder it didn’t work.

        8 years ago at 1:23 pm
  2. Frattastic41

    This sounds like it came from Dorn’s imagination while he read 50 shades of Grey on Halloween.

    8 years ago at 9:29 am