Genius At University Of Michigan Gets “Napping Stations” Installed In Library

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Pulling an all night cram session the night before a test is probably one of the most storied pastimes of college. Seriously, ask anyone you know who holds a bachelor’s degree (not from a community college) and it’s guaranteed he or she can recant at least one half-decent story about a library marathon.

For the most (un)dedicated, the all-nighter is an art. It involves a beer or two to wash down some study meds before making the trek to the library at midnight to dive into a semester’s worth of material, all of which you must memorize for your 8:30 a.m. exam. If you’re really good at the craft, you’ve got the ability to immerse yourself in a textbook and nicotine binge for the next 7 hours, pass out for 30 minutes, then wake up, walk into said exam, and receive the masterpiece of a bullshit B+ when you get your grade back a week or so later.

From the sound of it, the University of Michigan is doing all it can to aid its students in the critical, real world skill of the all-nighter. Michigan’s Central Student Government just approved the brilliant idea of implementing napping stations in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library.

The idea of holding designated napping centers for University students first came up in a Central Student Government meeting in mid February, proposed by Engineering junior Adrian Bazbaz, a CSG representative. He noticed many students would doze off at night while studying in the 24-hour libraries on campus and thought the best solution was to administer a location for these students to sleep.

The new station, located on the first floor of the UGLi, currently holds several simple cots intended for 10 to 30 minute naps. These beds are not the ones originally ordered by CSG, but the library and student organizers said they wanted to have something temporary in place during the exam period.

Adrian Bazbaz, you are a genius. Seriously, where were these revolutionary ideas when I was in college?

A cot with freshly made sheets sounds like a much better alternative to taking a nap face-down on your economics notes sitting at a table, then waking up in a puddle of drool 25 minutes later.

“So far, some days we see a lot of use, other times we don’t see a lot of use,” [Bazbaz] said. “It’s really too early to tell because it hasn’t even been a full week yet, but so far the nappers who are napping there seem to be pretty content.”

Nappers are napping. Sounds pretty successful to me, man. It’s definitely only a matter of time before thrill-seeking boners are boning, right? I mean, you need all the stress relief you can get during finals time.

Plans are also in the works to bring a second napping center to the Duderstadt Center on North Campus.

Plans should also be in the works to bring this idea to every other university library in the nation. It genuinely sounds awesome and legitimately beneficial to furthering academic pursuits.

Bazbaz worked along with several Michigan faculty members to apply and assist with ongoing research regarding the implications of sleep deprivation on academic performance.

Simultaneously putting napping stations in the library and building your résumé. It’s a TFM.

[via The Michigan Daily]

  1. NotDevryGuy

    Or, you could be like every other college student and nap wherever the fuck you want.

    6 years ago at 11:59 am
  2. John Hanfrock

    The last thing I need during my all-nighter is to catch people jerking off in the napping station.

    6 years ago at 12:04 pm
  3. ArnoldPalmer777

    I wonder what that meeting was like…
    “Hey guys, did we ever do anything with the cots we ordered for the tornado victims?”
    “No, but I mean…after that swimmer/hero saved that girls life, is there even a point in trying?”
    “Yeah, I agree. Let’s nap on it and – I GOT IT! Napping Stations! Done!”

    6 years ago at 12:54 pm