I am a lot of things, but a brick in the wall of the pussification of America is not one of them. TFM.

    1. Jim Bro Laws

      I think he measn to say that the TFM Wall is for pussies, which he will have no part in.

      The irony is that his post IS a brick in the TFM wall.

      Therefore, he is satirizing not only himself, but the foundation that America is built upon.

      13 years ago at 2:49 pm
  1. Todd McChay

    I sincerely hope, for the entire world’s sake, that you were severely intoxicated when you wrote that.

    13 years ago at 1:00 pm
  2. Jim Bro Laws

    This attempt was just bad on the hole (whole).

    -so bad I couldn’t even come up with a witty way to bash it. Fuck you

    13 years ago at 2:25 pm
    1. Bropenhagen Long Cut

      I don’t like Georgia that much.. The devil tends to go down there quite a bit..

      13 years ago at 3:06 pm