Great Men Named Washington: George and Ron

The 2011 World Series began last night, and the St. Louis Cardinals took game one against the Texas Rangers, 3-2. Cardinals fans began to celebrate, and the Rangers bandwagon began to thin. It’s pretty typical for fans to overreact whenever game one of the Fall Classic doesn’t go their way, but one man remains steadfast and unwavering through it all. With the demeanor and teeth of a veteran homeless dude, the excitement never fades from his glassy eyes. He looks like he might appear on an episode of Intervention, or in a bum fight over a piece of cheese under the highway. He is Ron Fucking Washington, he is the man, and he is the manager of the Texas Rangers.


Some of you are thinking, “Wasn’t the first president of the United States named Washington?” and you’re absolutely right. Today we’ll appreciate them both, first President George Washington, and then Ron.

He’ll Save Children, But Not The British Children

He’s Like Hamilton, Well Like The Old Josh Hamilton

Game 2 of the World Series is tonight at 7:05 CST. It’s our national fucking pastime and Ron Washington is constantly on camera. Why wouldn’t you watch?

  1. Beers78n9

    We better take that beaner Garcia yard a couple times tonight. Expecting big games tonight from all our righties.

    13 years ago at 12:50 pm