Greg Oden Was Arrested Wearing The Greatest Ohio State Shirt Ever Made

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.20.04 PM

Not much has gone well for Greg Oden since he left Ohio State in favor of the NBA Draft. Nearly every possible comeback he has attempted has been thwarted by more injuries.

His career took another nosedive last night when he was arrested for punching his ex-girlfriend. Obviously, punching a woman is a horrible crime and is not something to be publicized or condoned. However, the shirt Big Greg was wearing in his mugshot might be the most hilariously inappropriate Ohio State shirt in existence.

This picture is so conflicting. Oden’s face resembles the face of a man who knows he fucked up and is about to be publicly destroyed for his actions, yet his shirt gives the impression that he doesn’t give a damn about anything.

If you’re wondering what his shirt references, it’s the silhouette of Ohio State football player Marcus Hall leaving the field after being ejected from the Ohio State-Michigan game last November.

Surprisingly, his knees held up during the arrest.

      1. brovind

        He actually spent his childhood in Buffalo but I don’t really want to have a dickswinging contest over Greg Oden trivia.

        10 years ago at 1:21 pm
  1. DarrensDad

    As usual, I am proud to call myself an Ohioan. No other state has the same dedication to consistent trashiness that we do, and that’s something to be admired and admonished.

    10 years ago at 2:44 pm

        I recently spent a few months in Florida and the trashiest girl I met there was from Ohio.

        10 years ago at 9:38 am
    1. DrShooterMcGavz

      Your words are wise and sage-like, DarrensDad. I banged out this broad I bartended with last summer from Brunswick. She proved your statement after 2 beers like clockwork.

      10 years ago at 12:53 am
      1. DrShooterMcGavz

        Sidebar: I wish she was still around for when Lebron returned. Probably would have got butt stuff.

        10 years ago at 12:54 am
      2. DarrensDad

        Ohio girls can drink like tanks. The two beers are just her way of excusing all the sluttiness to follow. Going home during breaks is like walking into a candy shop – a slutty, possibly disease filled candy shop.

        10 years ago at 1:26 pm