Gronk Cruise Highlights Include Babes, Partying, And Nonstop Gronk Dancing

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Over the weekend, the much anticipated “Gronk Cruise” set sail for a few days to the Bahamas and would include lots of drinking, dancing, and gronking. Let’s take a look at some of the female cruise participants.

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The main attraction of the cruise, the best character in sports, enjoyed himself during the two days of madness. He danced. A lot.

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Gronk also enjoys smacking random females on the ass. When the opportunity provided itself, he did not pass it up.

Around 1,600 people, including the man himself, embarked on this journey. Mainly there were a lot of women who were probably trying to get lucky enough to touch the man, guys who wanted to brag about partying with the man, and some old ladies who just wanted to let loose.

Look at those old ladies getting after it. Age limit? What age limit? If granny wants to party with Gronk, she’ll party with Gronk.

How would you like to be one of the 1,600 people on that boat? I personally don’t do cruises and even this made me a little irked I didn’t try to get the trip expensed and attend.

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  1. Bush Light

    I’m trying to envision Belichick’s face/response if he ever watches these clips.

    8 years ago at 10:18 am
  2. Spell Checker

    “What’s your favorite type of girl?”
    Nice fucking ass fucking big fucking booty
    “Does it matter to you the ethnicity of the girl?”
    “Second preference?”
    “After white?”
    White white white white white

    Tom from video two is a TFM

    8 years ago at 11:50 am
  3. That drunk brother

    Good to see TFM has moved on from riding Bilzerian’s dick and is not on Gronk’s

    8 years ago at 3:18 pm