Guy Offers To Do Coworker A Favor, Coworker Ruins His Life

This is one of the most bizarre stories you’ll ever read. It comes from Reddit user DarkRuby45, and it basically describes how his coworker ruined DarkRuby45’s life by convincing him to tell his coworker’s parents that they were in love.

It was posted in the Reddit thread called, “Today I Fucked Up.”

So my coworker (call him Jeff) is asexual, but his parents kept trying to get him a girlfriend. When he kept rejecting them, his parents eventually asked if he was gay. He decided to pretend he was and said he was already seeing a coworker and then asked me to pretend to be with him, even going so far as to offer money (I don’t really know enough people to care about my reputation and could think of worse ways to earn money, so I agreed). His parents wanted to meet me. The original plan was to meet his family and leave a very bad first impression so he would have reason to not bring me around them.

Well I got there and it turns out his family is about the most fucking awesome family I’ve ever met. I expected everybody to either tiptoe around the gay thing, or be very over zealous about supporting it, either way I would overreact and make an ass out of myself. Turns out they treated me just like they would anybody else, so I couldn’t do that. Then his twin sister (call her Jenny) comes out and decides to try to make me uncomfortable by sitting on my lap, (I didn’t mind) and asking questions that most would consider inappropriate, I kind of fell in love with her that night. Well I ended up leaving a good impression, and was invited to dinner the next night to meet his other sister and her husband. That dinner went great as well, so I ended up just saying “fuck it, I’ll come over whenever they invite me and just hope we don’t slip up”. Things went pretty well over next few months, I got along with everybody and kept telling myself I’d ask Jenny out after we told them the truth. Well Jeff ended up getting an apartment and moving out of his parents house, he needed a roommate and I volunteered (I wanted to move out of my parent’s house anyway). One night I get back from work to find a fucking candle lit dinner waiting for me, turns out he really was gay and had a crush on me, and decided the best way to seduce me would be an elaborate scheme to trick me into moving in with him. Needless to say I rejected him, and he was actually surprised when I did. So he calls his mom crying and said I cheated on him. His family hates me now, especially Jenny. They won’t believe a word out of my mouth, because it’s his word against mine. So now I live (signed a 1 year lease) and work with a guy who thinks he’s in love with me. I did learn a valuable lesson though; if you are going to live a lie, record some kind of proof that it’s a lie.

Basically, the dude offered to cover for the guy’s sexuality–assuming he had none–only to find out that it was all an elaborate plot to fall in love with each other. The original poster ended up falling in love with the sister, but the coworker, Jeff, was so vindictive that he ruined that relationship by telling his parents┬áDarkRuby45 cheated on him.

It was an incredibly strange plan, but it was so bold that I kind of respect it. Under no circumstances would that idea be feasible in any sane person’s mind. But this guy had the balls to force the person he was secretly in love with to move in with him. So, credit where credit is due, I suppose.

Still, I can’t imagine doing a favor like this for anyone. Ever.

In the original post, DarkRuby45 provides a bunch of updates about how he is still pursuing the sister, and that he is still in love with her, but the family hates him and still thinks he belongs with their son.

There is no way to know if this is true, but it’s so messed up that I can’t imagine someone was creative enough to invent it. So, I’ll say it’s real.

[via Reddit]