Help Out An ATO Alum Who Was Paralyzed Playing Basketball


James Madison University alum and ATO brother, Matt Wetherbee, was playing a simple game of basketball a few days ago on what seemed like any other ordinary day. Unfortunately, after what I can only assume was an incredible dunk, he came down wrong and hit his head. It resulted in some serious complications.


Matt suffered a significant spinal cord injury resulting in (hopfully temporary) paralysis from his neck down. Matt has no movement in any of his limbs and has a long recovery ahead of him. With the support of this account we are hoping to alleviate some stress from medical bills. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Matt and his family have already received a ton of support from generous donors, but if you’d like to step up and contribute — even if only a few dollars — it definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Hang in there, Matt. #BEEstrong

Want to help? Click HERE.


  1. Fratstarbator

    yea .. but totally worth it to express your athletic dominance over your opponent

    8 years ago at 2:25 am