Help This Man Party On A Jet Ski On A Yacht On A Road Trip


Different people have different ideas when it comes to what exactly the “American dream” entails. For some, it’s making something where you have nothing, whether that’s family, finances, or anything else that is lacking in your life. Some American dreams are more impressive. Others are more impressively American. I’m here today to show you one of the most American dreams I’ve ever come across, and tell you that you can help make it a reality.

Sandy Danto is a comedian based out of LA. He’s got some decent credits to his bio, but he’s unsatisfied and unfulfilled with his career, and he’s looking to change that. Uninspired by the comedy specials of late – a person on a stage and an audience in their seats – Danto realized what he wants his next step in his career to be.

From Kickstarter:

I want my comedy special to be definitively special: me performing on a yacht on dry land. The idea came to me while doing some soul searching, trying to figure out what I want out of my comedy career. I went on a weekend trip to Lake Powell, staying on a houseboat with some close friends. While driving back to the marina from a nearby hike, we passed a motorcade of a houseboat being trailed with a jet ski on the roof in front of a Walmart Supercenter. There was something so fundamentally American and so funny about that image. The image of the jet ski atop this houseboat with Walmart in the background burned in my brain and continued to make me laugh.

Who wouldn’t want to see that? Or better yet, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it? Since the idea is still very much in it’s infancy, even just a $2 contribution will get you a ticket to as many shows as you would like, should his dream come to fruition. Other rewards include t-shirts, personalized onesies, and even producer credits on the final product.

Danto tells us in his campaign message that “This is NOT FOR A GOOD CAUSE, at least not in the traditional meaning of the term.” And he might be right about the traditional part, but as a writer for TFM, the daughter of a small-time comic, and someone who likes to laugh, I have to say that I think this isn’t just a good cause, it’s a great one. I’ve put in my $2, and I hope I’ll catch you by the pool on a yacht somewhere on an American highway.

[via Kickstarter]

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